"Brevity of life"

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  • lostinthought

    This is bothering me. My sisters father in law who was not a witness passed recently. I did not know him well and read his obituary online. He died at 68 but he lead a fairly nice life, helping others. He served in the military for two years, after that he went on to get a bachelors degree then a masters. Then he went to medical school. After completing his education, he worked at a hospital and then became a professor of medicine. He retired a few years ago but retirement was unfulfilling to him so he did some volunteer work in various countries. I told my sister that he seemed like a very nice man and he lived a good life, her response was "that just shows the brevity if life, and he is sleeping he will wake up and learn about Jehovah" wtf! Clearly all that he accomplished was not good enough in her eyes...all of his children are witnesses so I'm sure his memorial service will be done by an elder....the poor man, may he rest in peace...

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Compared to "everlasting life" (TM), 68 seems very short, but in reality it's about average and by the sounds of it he did indeed live a good and fullfilling life.

    As you say it is sad that his life is just written off by his JW relatives as if it's some sort of dress rehearsal.

    My dad died at 58 btw.

  • zeb

    Hm jw in the world? If they all sought their best at learning and giving service to humanity it just might be a better world eh? and yes when questioned jw do seem to think that this is a dress rehearsal. What of the man that buried his 'talent' ie money and it earned nothing?

    My condolences.

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