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  • butterfly2002

    Well....I was raised in the truth....pioneered....and did all the right stuff.....married an "unbeliever"...have been married for more than 10 yrs...(great marriage even though I was warned it would be horrible)...So now I have not gone for 5 months now...and well....
    Not one person has called...come by....just to see whats up..
    So just curious to see if anyone else has had this happen to them..
    Thanks for any response...

  • truthseeker1

    I get it on a lesser scale. If I miss a meeting or don't go out in field service, I don't get a call from my inlaws for about a week. My wife is married to an unbeliever (she just doesn't know it yet) and our marriage is great too. Congrats on the marriage!

  • out4good3
    My wife is married to an unbeliever (she just doesn't know it yet) and our marriage is great too.

    I'm in the same situation. I'm just waiting patiently for the light to finally come on about the WTBTS. Then I'll be asking her what took her so long.

  • Scully

    Hi Butterfly...... welcome!!

    y'know it's funny.... there came a time when I was still a JW that I realized that for all the "friendships" I had, I was the one doing all the work to maintain them.... making the phone calls, inviting people over, initiating socialization.... so I decided to put the friendships to the test and see how long it would take for my "friends" to put some effort into the friendships.... well, it's been over 7 years, and I must say, I'm sure glad I wasn't holding my breath!!

    Love, Scully

  • butalbee

    Hi, welcome to the board!

    Just one quick question: Can a relationship with a "unbeliever" really work? I am the unbeliever in my relationship, past, present, future tense, and I just don't see how it CAN work. How do you get by the relgious differences, for example: at holidays, birthdays, etc...

  • Adonai438

    HI & Welcome
    Loosing people you thought cared about you can be really hard. They say they care and then it turns out they meant only if you agree with them. Conditional friendship and love isn't real friendship or love. Thank God for his unconditional love and that he's always there for us even when other people are hurting us.
    Never visited when I left but I kinda went out with a bang so there wasn't much mystery to it. Well, at least to the ones who new about it-- they hid it from everyone else who must have assumed I just 'fell away' or something. We're here for ya and if you want to talk to any of us just e-mail
    WELCOME again & God bless, <>< Angie

  • SYN

    Welcome to Conditional Love, Copyright (C) 2000, Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of New York.

    Glad to see your head isn't stuck in the sand anymore like so many OTHER people we all know...

    I'm sure glad we don't vote anymore like we did before we got the truth. Now we get to complain about everything ALL the politicians do!
    [SYN], UADA - Unseen Apostate Directorate, Africa

  • Eppie


    Yeah I am kind of in the same situation. I moved from my parents to campus in another city, and I went to all the meetings there for awhile. They have my card here, my phonenumber and everything, but apparently they don't care. I haven't been to any meetings for about a year and a half now and well I am still waiting for the call. Actually I am really waiting for it so I can tell them the "truth" but o well, actually this fading away thing is working out quite well. So yep they are so busy getting new members that they keep forgetting their old ones.

    Anyway welcome!


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