False Prophecy Double Standards

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  • hooberus

    The following are quotes from two Watchtower Society publications. Note the similarities. Virtually the same words are used -

    "date", "dates"

    "nothing happened", "nothing has happened"

    "false prophesying", "false prophets"

    "God's truths", "the whole body of truth"

    "True, there have been those in times past who predicted an "end to the world," even announcing a specific date. . . . Yet, nothing happened. . . . They were guilty of false prophesying. . . .Missing from such people were God's truths and the evidence that he was guiding and using them." Awake 10-8-68 p.23

    "Some opposers claim that Jehovah's Witnesses are false prophets. These opponets say that dates have been set, but nothing has happened. . . . Moreover, the need to revise our understanding somewhat does not make us false prophets . . . How foolish to take the view that expectations needing some adjustment should call into question the whole body of truth!" Watchtower 3-15-1986 p. 19

    Note the double standard:

    "They" were guilty of false prophesying . . .

    . . . the need to revise our understanding somewhat does not make "us" false prophets . . .

  • somebody

    SO true!

    Add "adjustments" and "changes" to the list if that's what you're starting. It would be great to start such a list. I'll give you examples if you want them.


  • hooberus


    please list a few, Thanks

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