Dallas, Fort Worth Area anyone?

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  • LyinEyes

    My husband and I are going to the Dallas , Fort Worth area in the next few weeks for work and I was wondering if anyone knows of any apostate meetings or groups in that area? I heard in the bigger cities there are some organized discussion groups, let me know, thanks!

  • Elsewhere

    We have an "Aposta Fest" every few months, but I am not aware of any regularly organized gatherings.

    Anyone else know of something? I would be interested in attending something like that now and then.

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  • MegaDude

    Hi Lyin,

    There are plenty of ex-JWs in this area. There are two groups I've come across. One is mainly composed of fun-loving, crawdad-eating, beer-swilling fun folks that met via this board that live in Dallas/Ft. Worth. We get together every so often just for fun.

    The other group is composed of born-again, religious ex-JWs who have made the transition from the Watchtower to mainstream Christianity.
    They are actually having a support meeting this weekend. They are very nice, without being overly preachy.

    You can find the support meeting schedule at: http://www.light4xdub.com/

  • Valis

    Lyin..drop me a line when you guys are in town. Email for phone #. I might even make you dinner.


    District Overbeer

  • Billygoat


    Drop me an email when you come through town. My boyfriend is Mozzer on this board. If I'm here (April is a busy travel month for me) then maybe we could have lunch or drinks? I could probably get a few more to join us.


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