NEW NWT'S Distributed at 2013 Conventions?

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  • TheSnarkyApologist

    Chatter on the street is that there exists a very high possiblility of the NEW NewWorld Translation being distributed. It comes from a reliable sources, but who knows. Has anyone heard anything about this?

  • jgnat
  • jgnat

    The first District Conventions in the US appear to be May 17 in Oklahoma City, OK and in Brooklyn, NY. Anyone here attending?

  • whathappened

    Wonder how they will justify a new translation, since they claim that holy spirit was primarily relied upon for the accuracy. Have the dubs been using a bad Bible since the fifties? We all know the answer to that.

  • suavojr

    I was talking with a JW from my cong and she has also heard about this rumor for a long time, but nothing yet.

  • nochoice

    I hope we go back to green! Wasn't it fun to stand out as truly different with your green bible at the door?

    Seriously though, we need a new study book release. The last two were Bearning Thorough Witness and God's Word Through Jeremiah. Done and almost done! I can't go back to the Revelation book a fourth time!

  • hoser

    I asked for a bible last week at the literature counter. The literature brother said none in stock and that he heard a rumor that there is a new translation. Maybe he heard it on this web site

  • alecholmesthedetective

    I agree WhatHappened.

    I've also been thinking, since my awakening I started studying and using websites like to compare translations. I like that one as it has commentary references too. After comparing several scriptures IMO there are way better modern translations out there as far as the NWT is concerned. So why would Jehovah leave his people with an inferior translation when Christendom has got it better?

    Seems strange. LOL


  • AnneB

    If there is a new Bible, they will have one to show from the platform, then say they'll be taking orders for it at the KH and to watch for the shipping annoucement in the KM. They're not going to hand out tens of thousands of copies on a donation basis, especially when they can get top dollar by leaning on the publishers when they try to place an order.

  • Sulla

    I can't go back to the Revelation book a fourth time!

    Oh, there you are mistaken. Very much mistaken, I'm afraid. And a fifth time! And a sixth! A thousand studies of Revelation! Until the generations overlap!

  • sd-7

    Nah, that would be too brazen of them. I can't see a reason for them to do a new Bible at this point. I think this same rumor was being batted around last year. Given the theme of the convention, I can see a bit more credence being lended to it this year, but...I really don't expect that to happen.

    In my opinion it's way too early in the game, in mid-March, to be speculating about new releases. I guess I'll have to wait until mid-July, when I shall have to attend the person...


  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    perhaps it will be released online only and all the dubs can spend $200 at the local print shop...

    cost da corporation nuthin'


  • Sparlock the Wizard
    Sparlock the Wizard

    lol maybe it'll just be a Simplified they already have done with the WT mags

  • notjustyet

    Why can't they just send us the cut outs to "paste" into the older bibles like we did in the Revelation book?

    Times were tougher back then I guess,..


  • Phizzy

    I have it on good authority that the NewNWT has taken out every reference to following Jesus and replaced it with "follow" "obey" "listen to" etc the .............

    wait for it................. Governing Body !!!

    They know that no such references can be found in any extant manuscripts, but they must have been removed by those nasty apostate scribes in the 2nd and 3rd Centuries, just like the name jehovah was removed 237 times.

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    How could they come out with a new NWT without Freddy? Or could Freddy help them from afar?

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    The writing dept has been on the downturn since Freddy left. No one seems to spin it like he did.

  • NewYork44M

    I hear they have defined the brackets [] as the sign of an appostate. So, no more [brackets] as an act of cleansing the old new world translation of all apostacy.

  • jgnat

    What if they created a study version with comments on keytext (Matthew 24:45) and a section for recommended verses and comments for family study night?

  • Athanasius

    According to Ray Franz the NWT translating committee was made up of Freddy Franz, Nathan Knorr, Albert Schoeder, and George Gangas (Crisis of Conscience, page 50). Since nobody on the NWT translating committee is alive today explains why there haven't been any 21st Century revisions to the JW Bible. The English language is a living language so words and meanings change. But a look at the NWT reveals that it was written in a form of English more common to the late 19th and early 20th Century. Therefore, a revised NWT is definitely needed, but probably won't happen.

    Unless the GB has employed a medium to channel the NWT committee members from the great beyond, it's doubtful that a revised NWT is in the works.

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