My district overseer in Arizona

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  • Preston

    Brother Emsahw (I think that's how his name was spelled) was my district overseer. He was also the most flamboyantly effeminate higher-upper of any Witness I came across (yeah, yeah...I know). For many witnesses he was eccentric, from my standpoint, well, you know... I just wanted to know if anyone knew him, or knew of him... Thank you.

  • Brymichmom

    I'm originally from Arizona and I was a JW in Tucson from 1972-1980, but I never heard of this person. I remember Floyd Kite though! And there was a Brother Sallis?

    Preston, what part of AZ are you from (in)?

    I'd like to find other XJW's from the Tucson area as well.


  • animal

    I am in Mesa, a new transplant from PA.


  • closer2fine

    animal - where in Pa?


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  • animal

    I lived all over PA... Lancaster, Upper Darby, Philly, Pittsburgh.... and more.

    I hate snow (hard to ride motorcycles in it) and love AZ...


  • Preston

    Hi Brymichmom, in answer to your question I live in Scottsdale. I would also love to get a group together of Ex-Jw's. I think mikepence was considering doing something along those lines....

  • Mulan

    Don Emshoff. I know exactly what you mean. He is a sweet man, but really effeminate. He loved the kids.............uh oh. I don't mean anything by that, everyone. The kids all loved him too. He was our DO in Washington (Oregon too) back in the mid 80's I think.

    Marilyn (aka Mulan)
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  • Princess

    I remember him. I can't picture him, but I knew the name as soon as I read the post.


  • Alana

    My oh my....did Bro. Emshoff get around or what?!? He was our CO for a spell here in IL. He used to stay in our home when he was visiting our congregation. He didn't like our Circuit because we were a bit too 'rural' for his likes.....he liked cities and loved to play in Chicago when he'd visit here (he seemed to know an awful lot about "Rush Street" in street of downtown...because I slipped in talking about it....but he never told on me and I never told on him...LOL). My dad knew he liked a nightcap every night, so he said he'd buy him what he drank...and my dad, not being a drinker or familiar with alcohol, about died when he went to buy his Crown Royal. LOL I always got a kick out of that, but probably just because of my dad's reaction. Ahhhh, the memories......

  • messenger

    "The little man with the gold rings on his hand." Was an expression often used to to describe the celebate gay DO with an ego problem. He wears a rolex along with several large gold diamond rings. He always wanted his accomadations "just so" and if they were not up to his "level" he would complain and move often insulting the host. He was also a sneaky little turd who would shine on to your face and then stab you in the back with the powers that be. He is originially from Alaska where he served for several years. He was moved due to some scandal that left him as the odd man out. No pun intended. IF you are a JW my suggestion would be to keep him in all the Crown Royal he can drink and do not let him get behind you.

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