GB: A Life Of Luxurious Laziness.

by Englishman 9 Replies latest jw friends

  • Englishman

    No secular job.

    No housework.

    No cooking.

    No kids.

    No money worries.

    No door to door work.

    Just meet up occasionally, thrash out the odd new policy, dish up some new light.

    What a life!


  • Dutchie

    Yep, that's the way to live for sure!

  • orangefatcat

    Aw yes, the Life of Riley!!

  • ozziepost

    Hard work, but someone's gotta do it!


    "If our hopes for peace are placed in the hands of imperfect people, they are bound to evaporate."

    - Ron Hutchcraft Surviving the Storms of Stress

  • Xenu

    Like others who serve at Bethel, members of the Governing Body have assignments. Those who have served at Bethel can attest to the fact that it is far from an easy lifestyle.

  • Satanus

    For people who like the institutional life, i guess it would be pretty good. Worshipful acolytes fawn over them all day long. If they get bored w that, they can go anywhere in the world and have other worshipful acolytes fawn over them. Paradise on earth, i would say. Their future is assured too. Even if the wt goes downhill big time, there will always remain a core faithful, who will stick w them, no matter what- see youknow and friday.


  • LittleToe

    Ok, so it's a busy (self-impossed) lifestyle.
    Let's be honest, very few bust a gut.
    Most work steady, at a pace they are happy with.
    The emphasis was always on doing a job well, rather than getting a lot done.
    It's an institution alright!

  • SYN

    I tend to agree with Xenu, it's far from an easy life, but it's sure as hell nowhere near as hard as the life of a pioneer.

    [SYN], UADA - Unseen Apostate Directorate of Africa - For Great Justice!

  • Grunt

    The hardest part of that lifestyle would be looking in a mirror. The blood of all the people who have died thinking they were serving god when in fact all they were doing was throwing away life, the grief of all those afflicted by these spiritual parasites would be sitting on your shoulder. How can they do what they do? I just don't believe an honest man could face that mirror.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Actually-- and this comes from someone who's worked in close company with several of them; it's unfair to call them lazy. Most are rather industrious in a worker-bee sort of way, at least during working hours at Bethel. Where they slacken off is in the after-hours attendance at local congregation meetings and field service.

    Many pity them for their lack of monetary resources; but the near-total absence of stress (how would you like to never have to pay a mortgage, rent or car payment installment? Never attend PTA meetings, stay up all night with a sick child and go to work the next day?) the adulation of the masses of dubs, the ability to enjoy paid-for vacations in exotic places with the mere placement of a phone-call to an affluent JW sycophant, are more than adequate compensation. Many, if not most, live at a standard only the most privileged enjoy, albeit without a fat bank account.

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