My ex-wife... and I'm the apostate?

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  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    So, my ex-wife, which if you remember me fought hard together with the JW's to (unsuccessfully) wrest control over our child. We're now 3y later, my legal rights have been affirmed a few times in court.

    A few months ago, my ex asked me if I was okay with her having someone else in her life. I said "sure, I don't care at this point what you do with your life, just let me know what happens so I can help our daughter with any transitions". She then goes on to confide in me and says she has slept with someone else over the last year. I looked confounded and asked her if she remarried. She said 'no, I've had two boyfriends since we broke up'. She seemed happy to get that off her chest. I know from my daughter she still does all the fun JW-stuff like prayer, meetings and field service. My daughter is very happy to do Christmas and Halloween and Easter with me, although she knows mommy doesn't do it.

    A few weeks ago my daughter (who is 3) starts talking about the baby boy in mommy's house. I thought at first it must have been a friend's kid sleeping over or whatever. Eventually it comes out that "mommy has a baby boy in her belly, like J. (my gf who I have an 8m old baby with)".

    So my ex is sleeping around, getting pregnant without being married and still goes do the pretend-JW with the (father elder) family. And I'm the apostate? We'll see what happens when she starts showing more signs but I am stacking up on the popcorn.

  • whathappened
    Well the fecal matter will soon hit the fan and it will be fun to see where it splatters!
  • LostGeneration

    I'll join ya, this should be good!

  • Awakenednow

    Yay according to the sex police, you are both scripturally free to remarry. (Read sarcasm)

    seriously, just do you! take the lessons learned with gratitude and look at your blessings today, give the third finger salute to crazyville and blow a kiss and live your life. Your family is what's important. Keep your little one talking and don't demonize mom. Mom's trying to figure out what her life means same as the rest of us. If she is confusing your child consider counseling if you feel it's creating a problem. My ex went to jail...I had no vocabulary or context to help my kids through it so I went to therapy and she really helped me find the healthy way to explain really screwy stuff to young kids. I highly recommend it. My kids are terrific and well balanced teens with none of the typical Jw hang ups even with the non conventional trouble. Pay attention to your kids words , moods and actions and go with your gut. If kids are fine no worries but if the adult behavior starts rubbing off get help it will really pay off big time as they get older. Best!!

  • JWdaughter
    What the other poster said. Kettle corn is good.
  • zeb
    London to a brick she will want to come back to you.

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