Girl scout cookies are demonized

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  • Gojira_101

    Okay so I think it might be the concussion making me go on this rant...not too sure.

    The girl scouts started selling their cookies yesterday and for the first time in my life I will be ordering cookies.....I mean WTF is so wrong with ordering cookies from them? I love the thin mint's and guess what? YOU CAN ONLY BUY THEM FROM GIRL SCOUTS!!!!!!

    So what? is Jehovah going to kill me at Armageddon because I ate a box of girl scout cookies? Really how stupid is that?

    I asked my mom what the big deal is about getting girl scout cookies and she can't even tell me.

    I have a few theories.

    1. Since the girl scouts go door to door selling their cookies...well maybe that makes WTBT$ jealous because people will actually give the girls money for their product and Householders are actually happy to see the girl scouts.

    2. The girl scouts get more money from people than WTBT$.

    3. Girl scouts will get trips and benefits if they sell more, and dubs get nothing.

    3. The chocolate is produced by Satan to taste good.

    4. People would rather eat something good in their own home sitting on the couch in their underwear playing video games, rather than sit in a stuffy, boring KH thinking about food and wondering when the hell the meeting is over.

    5. You don't have to wait 100 years for the cookies to be deliviered, the girl scout promise "no false prophets here! You WILL get your cookies" And you get instant gratification.

    6. If you don't agree with the idea that thin mints are the best, you won't be df'ed for disagreeing.

    7. If you eat the vanilla creams you won't be shunned.

    8. You don't have the boys in Brooklyn telling you what kind or how many, or where you can eat the cookies....You can eat the whole freaking box if you want and nobody cares.

    9. If you have girl scout cookies in your cupboard, that's inviting the demons into your house and you will be harassed by demons, J-dubs and elders...they want your cookies to. See even the demons like cookies.

    10. With your order over $50 you get a free Sparlock toy.

    11. The "world" serves cookies at B-day parties, so clearly they are BAD!

    12. And I'm sure a "transfusion" of chocolate can't be good either!

    So yea, I can see the danger and why I'm going to die at the Big "A" because I ate a freaking cookie!

    If WTBT$ is losing members because of the flip flopping new light, well WTBT$ needs to start selling cookies, maybe that would be enough of an incentive for them to keep their members?

    So really what is the big deal with girl scout cookies?

    Sorry for the rant!


  • villagegirl

    Have you thought of being a a stand-up comedian ?

    You are hilarious - I love this - it made my day -thanks for this

    Laughed so hard, I almost gave myself a concusion.

  • LostGeneration

    I've never heard a JW say that their cookies are bad. But they don't let them join the scouts, so I guess by extension they are bad.

    (I even ordered/bought them while active and my JW wife never said a thing)

  • NeonMadman

    Actually, the position is that boy and girl scouts are paramilitary organizations, and that supporting them would be a violation of neutrality. You need to go back to the Golden Age of May 22, 1935 to read the details, but there has never been a revision of the teaching. As you note, most JWs follow the rule but have no idea why.

  • Matsimus

    In Norway we don't have girl scouts selling cookies. So I'm not familiar with it or to what degree these little girls fills them with satanic symbols. Obviously eating them would be part of a satanic ritual. Am I wrong about this, or is JW philosophy still deep in my mind?

    Would be awesome if someone brought them to a KH and started sharing them ^^


  • jamiebowers

    I think Girl Scout cookies are demonized....well, at least the Samoas, LOL! They actually call to me from my kitchen cupboards.

  • LostGeneration

    I've actually been a bit annoyed by them lately, seems they are offering them to me everywhere.

    But if they are Satanic, I guess I'll have to go ahead and buy a few boxes...

  • Gojira_101

    Actually, the position is that boy and girl scouts are paramilitary organizations,

    Holy Crap!!!!! That means the 10 year old girl is a future Black Ops or Navy Seal.....So selling the cookies is what special ops training?

    Oh My God!!! I can so totally see it now. Their base camp is their table they set up with the cookies stacked up. I'm totally scared now to approach their it booby trapped? Is there trip wires? Landmines? God if I don't say the right pass phrase the girl is jump out and hold a knife to my throat!

    I heard of kiddie soldiers, and I knew Al-Qualda started them young...but damn!!!!! I'm scared to get my cookies now

    Matsimus: If you brought in a box of girl scout cookies and a Sparlock toy to the KH, the elders would be performing an exorcism right there on the spot!

    VillageGirl: I'm normally not funny at all! I have no idea where this is coming from

    Well I think I would feel safer with the 10yr old girl receiving special ops training then my JW nephew, that kid is going to be a future serial killer I swear...I'm serious you should see his eyes!!!!

  • Sulla

    I was at a small town in north Georgia last week, walking around. Sounded like a bunch of kids doing a protest outside a store -- weird, right? Anyway, turns out they were chanting, "Girl scout cookies FOR SALE!"

  • Theocratic Sedition
    Theocratic Sedition

    Girl Scout Cookies just might be demonized. The chocolate thin mints are damn near addictive. Matter fact, think I'm gonna go out tonight and get some. Those girls set up shop at a grocery store near me. They're as bad as dope dealers and I'm going to get my fix.

  • LostGeneration

    lol TS. Its pretty easy to crush a sleeve of those thin mints.

    Then you see the second sleeve just sitting there and you might as well just crush those too.

  • 00DAD

    #13 - If Oatmeal cookies are made out of oatmeal, then what do you think Girl Scout cookies are made from? ...

  • flipper

    " Girl scout cookies are demoized " I know. I just ate some and they gave me the runs. Nah, not really. I think it was those damned greasy potatoes I cooked this morning. I'll have to sue and cast out the " Potato Gods " . Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Finkelstein

    Its just some of the fear induced stupidity that gets programed into every typical JWS.

    Good for Gojira_101 that he or she is seeing that.

    Fear is the holding and binding catalyst that the WTS. uses to maintain its adherents and create power for the WTS. leaders.

    People with a balanced knowing intellect perceive this.

    Its brainwashing with an intent and the intent is not healthy to say the least.

  • carla

    My jw will not order the cookies (pre-jw days he would) he has no problem eating them though. He also had a habit of stealing the kids Halloween & Christmas candy too. And don't even get me started on Christmas cookies! Sometimes I have to make double because he is eating it as fast as I bake! Old habits die hard even for a jw?

  • haboob48

    the GB are demonizing an organization for little girls.............they kick butt in cookie sales vs wt sales! I bought 8 boxes and are going to order more! lol and next week I am signing my youngest up for Girl Scouts! I am just sayin!!!! And?......we are getting in an org for KIDS! the poor org thinks that they can get to my kid!..............LOL..................NOT!

    (felt good to express........don't be mad.....LOL)


  • ShirleyW

    My UberDub mother saw nothing wrong with buying Girl Scout cookies. Do they still make the butter cookie shaped like their logo, I think they were called Shorties (at least back in the 60's and 70's they were)

  • jws

    Actually, Wal-Mart sells a version of most of the Girl Scout cookies and a lot cheaper too. The mint ones taste exactly the same to me. I think they might call it fudge mint or something. It's their Great Value brand.

    As far as being paramilitary. I don't know about the Girl Scouts, but when my son was in Boy Scouts, one of the leaders said it was training for eventual military service and it's the hope that the kids will join one of the services. That may not be the official position, but it certainly seemed true to me. They instill heavy patriotism and belief in God. The vibe is Christianity, but they also have Muslim and Jewish troops.

    When my daughter was in Girl Scouts, I got a totally different vibe. It was more of an empowering thing. A bit feminist. And seemed a bit environmental. Which I heard complaints about from some right-wingers who are apparently anti-environmnent. I didn't witness this first-hand. I only went to one girl scout thing and the ex handled the rest. Seemed like they did a lot of crafting.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Gojira_101...Funny - funny - funny! My favorite TV commercial is of the little dark haired girl, who tells the lady of the home, who is playing with her exotic marked kitty, that she can come back later with her Girl Scout cookies. The chocolate mint are my favorite but I haven't boughten any in decades. Jehovah would be sad if i gave my money away to anyone but Watch Tower. :( lol

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Yes! Girl Scout Cookies are demonized!!! BUT, do not throw them away!!!

    There's only 1 PROVEN way to rid these cookies of demons!

    I URGE EVERYONE to send ALL their GS COOKIES to ME!!!

    AGAIN- DO NOT throw them away!!

    I promise YOU I will EXORCISE those cookies to masticated bits!!!!

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