I sometimes feel like I'm in the twilight zone

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  • cognisonance

    Being out of the cult that I spent the first 3rd of my expected life span in, now on the outside I keep having this amazement that I was actually in a cult! What we were told was the "real life" now seems so surreal and dreamlike that I feel like I lived an episode of the twilight zone. I also feel like

    I'm in the twilight zone even now, with the reality that cults exist in general in this day and age of science and knowledge. I saw this ad on TV recently and thought, wow, cults are even trying to get mainstream attention and membership. I also thought it was so ironic when it talked about learning "truth" and having freedom, being a free thinker, and thinking for yourselves (since we all know that supressing critial thinking and freedom of mind is what cults are about). I could see the JWs trying to make an ad like this and saying how modern and state of the art their production ability is. I'm sure Scientology thinks of themselves that way too.


  • Phizzy

    Life in the Watchtower World was life in La La Land, but if you were born in like me, youdid not fully appreciate how removed from reality it was.

    Now that I am free from it, and on the outside looking in, it looks real weird !

    I now feel realxed, and at peace and truly at home in the real world with real people, its great here ! come and join us JW's ! what have you to lose but your weirdness (and all that entails!) ?

  • Tater-T

    i'm right there with you on all that..... it blows my mind too. I can't believe anyone is still in at this point..

    thanks for sharing that comercial I want to seee it .. but have a DVR so I skip through them

    very JW esque..real knowledge .. acurate knowledge..

  • d

    That Ad was very weird.

  • cognisonance
    That Ad was very weird.

    Queue the twilight zone theme...


    It's also an example of an Argument By Giberrish.

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