New A.I. System Superior To Human Doctors

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  • metatron

    This is part of the reason why things will get weird and change radically - quite soon (i.e. you won't wait a lifetime to see it)

    Imagine a global computer network that has artificial intelligence - vastly beyond human ability. It doesn't try to dominate or kill us - as with Terminator or Colossus. We eagerly use it and link up to it with portable devices - and eventually links directly to our nervous system.

    Yeah, we're gonna be a bit like the Borg but not robotic.


  • sir82

    That's Ray Kurzweils contention as well.

    I read "The Singularity is Near" - sounds cool, but he presents a pretty aggressive timeline. It was written nearly a decade ago, I think we are pretty far behind his schedule.

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