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  • jhine

    just a thought , in veiw of the new light about the FDS now being only the GB and all that it implies does anyone think that the GB or maybe even the lawers behind the GB are consolodating all the worldly assets in order to jump ship at some point in the not too distant future ?

    I assume that the GB or the legal team have control of many billions of dollars , mabe the new status is a step towards moving funds around to the advantage of individuals who could then take full advantage of those funds .

    This probably has occured to others and I wonder what y'all think.

  • jhine

    sorry didn't title my original post

  • itsibitsybrainbutbigenoughtosmellarat

    Sorry, nice thought.... but they are not legally set up to accomplish this as there are officers of all the Corporations. So there are corporate structures like any other companies who actually control the assets. Having said that, they usually carry out the thoughts and intentions of the GB. So that would be a tickly matter if instructed to redirect funds or ownership to them in some way.... I think it would raise so many public questions it would cause a big split and dissension etc...

  • jhine

    thanks for posting , I see what you mean but I thought that there has been a lot of talk of falling membership and what with the stink of the child abuse issues coming to the fore and more Witnesses looking at banned sites etc , I just thought that if the GB can possibly see an end in sight they might not care about a split if they got all the cash . like an unscrupulous company boss who can see that company heading for liquidation and sidelines as many assets as possible to save paying off debts . I know that the Watchtower doesn't have debts but you get the picture .

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