Jehovah's Witnesses Ain't The Wold's Only Nutters.

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  • andrekish

    Hi. One behalf of everyone who is mad on this planet I would like to apologise for us being mad and hope we all get better soon.

    It isn't my fault that I'm mad. My mum was mad. Aparently totally batty.

    They told me so when I was young and then she died in the asylum after being there 20 odd years and went and became the last patient to die there
    when it shut down. So there is a case history of practised madness to start with.

    I met some Mormons and I became more mad. Fair enough, I'm game for anything usually especially if it involves other nutcases. But when they told
    me God was a man who lived on the planet Kolob which is north by northwest in the skies over the UK at 3pm on September 19th I began to doubt
    their scale of insanity. Never questioned my own, of course, what with my mum and all. I knew I was permitably mad, not that rubbish kind that silly kids come out with just to be stupid.. but properly mad just like my poor old mum. I keep seeing things in my head mad.

    Then I met some of Jehovah's Witnesses. And I felt at home. At last I was back among madmen. Ah, the ecstacy, the bliss, the delusions, the
    nightmares and that was just page one.

    I truly don't have to explain the devotional madness of some of Jehovah's Witnesses 'coz they got the hump with me. I may well be clinically insane but even I can spot overdone fanactical devotion when I see it. And they are scarey, you have to admit. Trying to get you out in all weathers like that getting slowly nowhere.

    It's just as well there will be others than the evangelisers, ie, teachers and prophets lots of other madmen on this planet. It would be a shame if the human race was devoid of madmen just before it all goes down the pan.

    I know I am currently mad. I must be. I keep seeing things in my head, time and time and time again.

    That later happen.

    Never failed so far in 30 years. And the apocalypse is coming. Not because most of the witnesses are bonkers but because it always was from the moment we set our dainty little feet on this planet.

    I'n not one of Jehovah's Witnesses but they aren't totally nuts. They know that it's time for man to change but it's already too late. The die is cast and the planet is rolling on to the point in time and space where things change. Sound's like there might be a bit of huffing and puffing about who is God, How, is God, Why is God and What Colour Tea Towel Does God Use while we wait but don't panic.

    This madness will all be over soon.

    Now that's MAD.

  • glenster

    The 'centric intolerant ones claiming proof you have to agree, sometimes
    harmful misinformation, to the point of harm, madness, have come in all the
    belief and non-belief flavors and will be around as long as common human
    selfishness is appropriately named, though trends in flavors may change.

    Homosexuality is evil and should be ended
    Belief in God is the biggest cause of war in human history and must stop
    Shun those who don't refuse the medical use of blood
    State religion or state atheism

    To me, they all belong in the same category. Madness could be a factor but
    so could sane but more culpable. Exception could be made for some of the
    leaders for not being mad but pandering cynical businessmen or political

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