Are you studying with the JW's? No I'm studying with Christains.

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  • Gojira_101

    This morning my husband was txt'ing a classmate of his because they have to meet up for a class project. My husband txt'd the classmate last night and he didn't reply until this morning.

    Classmate (CM): Sorry bro, I was at a bible study last night, I go every Thursday.

    My husband and I look at each other, a bible study on a Thursday? Oh crap this guy much be either studying with the JW's or he was at a meeting last night.

    Hubby's txt back: Oh cool dude...who are you studying with?

    CM: My step dad and I study with a couple of guys from church.

    So now we both have that knot in our stomach, doesn't that sound familiar?

    Hubby: Nice, are you studying with Jehovah's Witnesses?

    CM: No, I'm studying with Christan's.

    My husband and I burst out laughing, no not the JW's, Christan's! I laughed so hard because of the irony, JW's believe they are "true Christan's" but yet the so-called "worldly" people don't think that at all.



  • sir82

    I wonder how many "worldly" people find the Watchtower's constant use of "true Christians" to be condescending, demeaning, and just plain rude?

  • Christ Alone
    Christ Alone

    I think that is why in the 70's they began to use the term "Jehovah's Christian Witnesses". They dropped it after a while. The debate of whether JWs are Christians or not rages on. I think JWs distance themselves from everyone else so much that there has to be a distinction between Christiand and JW. For example, all the Christians I know who are in specific denominations believe that all other Christians will be saved, whether they are in their denomination or not. Jws do not believe that. They do not believe that every Christian will be saved. You have to come to "Mama" to be saved. Don't know why, but just thought of this:

  • PSacramento

    You know that many CHristian denominations also have bible studies, how do you know it was a JW study?

  • carla

    I don't know anybody who thinks that jw's are Christian. Not only that, but everybody I know still tells me when the 'jehovah's' have been in their neighborhood. They do not call them 'bible thumpers', 'christians', or even 'witnesses', it is ALWAYS 'the jehovah's'.

  • Gojira_101

    @ sir82, I guess I was always a bad JW, because I never felt right having the distinction between worldly and JW being true Christan's. I never thought it was right condemning people by using the vocabulary to put down and shun others.

    @ PSacramento, we didn't know for sure, but it was how this person said it, made it sound like it could be the JW's he was studying with.


  • BU2B

    The witnesses are not christians as they believe the new Testament was written for 144000 only, and do not accept what the Bible clearly states, there is one mediatior between God and men, a man Christ Jesus. They reject everything Christians have accepted for centuries as elementary, and reject the one hope the Bible ever held out for followers of Christ, a heavenly one.

  • Gojira_101

    @ Carla, In light of the April study article and the picture of God's organization and the fact that Jesus isn't even in the picture, I feel very confident in saying the JW's as a "religion" or cult, has rejected Jesus and can no longer be Christan. I do believe there are Christan's hidden among the JW, but those men at the top, they are not. It's interesting to have a different perspective now on the JW's.

    @BU2B, The NT was not just written for the 144,000, if you want to get technical about it, the whole bible was written for Jews, but I think down to our day now the bible is for everyone, not some special elect group of people who claim to be better than Jesus.

    The whole thing about this man's comment to my husband is the fact, like has been mentioned here that the JW's group as a whole do not follow Christ and at every step they are trying to figure out ways to "get rid" of Jesus altogether. And it just amazes me now that my eyes are open I can see it. It's been staring at me this whole time, but my eyes were closed to it.



  • lovelylil

    Nope, JWs are not Christians. Its really sad isn't it? They were duped by the WT to worship an organization instead of Christ and they believe they are the ONLY Christians, yet due to thier beliefs, they are not even in the running to be real Christians.

  • happytobefree

    Carla....this so true...

    I don't know anybody who thinks that jw's are Christian. Not only that, but everybody I know still tells me when the 'jehovah's' have been in their neighborhood. They do not call them 'bible thumpers', 'christians', or even 'witnesses', it is ALWAYS 'the jehovah's'.

    lol...and most of the time they don't even pronounce Jehovah correctly...the

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