Interesting comment posted. I wonder what the best reply is? Hmmmm

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  • punkofnice

    So here's the vid.

    In the comments section is a young lady who claims this is a fake vid because she's a JW.

    On the one hand I feel like leaving it be but on the other hand I wonder if I should reply??


    Desicions, decisions!!


    Why is she watching videos that diss the GB? Nobody wants to look like a fool, so it must be fake or her world may collapse.

  • steve2

    Well, you could say she cares or feels sufficiently stirred up enough by the video to take the step of actually commenting on it, albeit rather defensively by labelling it fake.

    There must be unknown others who would watch the video, possibly also defensively like to think it's fake but not even have the courage or level of caring to bother to comment.

    She has commented. Good on her. If I replied, I'd acknowledge she cares enough about the topic to comment on it (praise is always a good way to soften 'opponents') and then perhaps I'd 'wonder' to her what her reasons are for concluding it's a fake?

    Does she know something you don't? Can she produce evidence it's a fake? Does the video contain factual errors that she could point out to you?

    Innocently draw her out rather than counter her comment or make judgements about her evident defensiveness. She may or may not respond - but whatever she does, she cannot say she's been slammed for disagreeing with you - which she would be if she ever disagreed with the Watchtower.

  • heathen

    That girl is just programmed to react that way , countless magazines and hours of study where the WTBTS reinforces things with messages of how they are above it all and would not do those sort of things , it's just denial . When you are brainwashed , that's one of the biggest most obvious signs . I'm not even going to say the video is fake or not doesn't matter , when someone just sees it and is compelled to react that way it's just a cult like mentallity .

  • punkofnice

    Nice replies geezers and geezeresses

    Someone has added a brilliant reply already which is brilliant.

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