Question about unbaptised publishers

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  • XPeterX

    JWs are over 7.5 million.Do they count unbaptised publishers as JWs?Do we know how many BAPTISED JWs are there today?

  • MrFreeze

    I'm 99.9% sure they only count baptised publishers.

  • irondork

    My parents helped me fill out a time slip the first time I gave a presentation and placed a set of magazines at a door. I was five. Baptized at 14. Who knows what the computers do with that information.

  • gingerbread

    These are active publishers - regular or irregular - i.e. those who fill out and turn in a time slip.

  • TheOldHippie

    "I'm 99.9% sure they only count baptised publishers"

    Wrong. The number of publishers include baptised as well as unbaptised ones. In some countries, perhaps 80 % of the publishers are baptised.

  • WTWizard

    Anyone that fills out a time slip (real or fake) or has a time slip (real or fake) handed in on their behalf is counted. It matters not if the child is only 4 or 5, on their way to baptism at age 6 under Armageddon threats. It also matters not if the person is only interested in pleasing the hounders, is pressured by parents to turn in a slip, or if the hounders fill out a time slip in your name to appease the hounder-hounder. Every slip is counted, and I am not surprised if many are counted more than once.

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    I believe they count unbaptized publishers as well.

  • Finkelstein

    Of course.

    I gave talks and went out in service when I wasn't Baptized.

    Maybe thats changed ???

  • Bob_NC

    I was the congregation secretary. I can say for sure that field service time slips are what makes up the count, not whether the publisher is baptized.

    Does anyone recall a recent push to get publishers to turn in even 15 minutes, 1/4 hour so that they could be counted as a regualr publisher? That's what it's all about, counting "publishers" each month. In the yearly report you have the "peak publishers." That is the month when the highest number of publisher time slips were reported. Then you have "average publishers", which is the average number of publisher time slips reported each month for the year. If you stop turning in a field service report slip, the number goes down by one, baptized or not.

  • Chariklo

    I was an unbaptised publisher and was so proud that they included me in the figures.

    That's how brainwashed I was.

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