Logical Illustration (for those who will listen!)

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  • lostinnj83

    In my quest to try to reason with a few people close to me I thought of the perfect illustration as to why we should examine our beliefs against whats printed in the WT or on the JW Website.. Granted, because of the blinders they were on able to accept any part of what I was saying but to any "non-believer" that I have used this with has understood perfectly. So it may be worth a shot to try it out.

    If a person were looking to take a trip lets say to a specific resort. If they went to that resorts direct website and ONLY that website then what would they find? Only wonderful things, the best reviews, pictures in the best lighting and the best angles, the best looking meals, the best rooms etc. BUT if a person were to go a website like TRIP ADVISOR, they would see a variety of reviews, some good, some bad, some indifferent but there would be a well rounded perspective provided.

    That person booking there vacation could then make and INFORMED decision about where they would like to say. They may come to the conclusion that they still want to stay at this resort because the good outweighs the bad or they may decide against the resort but either way, they were given different perspectives so that a more informed decision could be made as opposed to just going to the resorts direct website.

    Make sense??

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    :) Worth keeping in mind!!


  • sir82

    Yes, but following your illustration from a JW perspective: "the resort's" website was set up and run by people who have a direct link to God - in fact, God himself goes there on vacation when he needs a break.

    Meanwhile, "Trip Advisor's" website was set up by evil people directly under Satan's influence - in fact, there is a conspiracy in which every other resort in the world has banded together to create "Trip Advisor" for the sole purpose of disparaging "the resort".

    And you - lucky you - are one of the few people who knows "the truth" about the resort's website, and Trip Advisor.

    Why would you go to a Satanic website, when the one true resort has a perfectly good website of its own?

    See? Tit for tat. You just can't win trying to reason with dyed-in-the-wool JWs.

  • lostinnj83

    LOL sir well when you put it that yeah there is no reasoning with them..SMH!

  • redvip2000

    As Sir82 pointed out.

    Common logic is not enough to convince brainwashed members. The concept that God is leading the organization supercedes any other reasonings. A good way to understand this, is the fact even when a Jehovah Witness admits that the organization is wrong on many things, they will usually say " Well, it's ok. I"m sure Jehovah will fix it in due time"

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