Movie: "There will be Blood"

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  • cptkirk

    A lot of what I have to say with regard to the only religion that I really know, which is the WT org, centers around passive aggression. I know that as soon as I use that phrase many people just get the blank deer in the headlights expression on their face, but of all the various psychological phenomena contained within this context, this is without a doubt the largest. obviously cognitive dissonance and others are mentioned.

    It dawned on me earlier, the movie which is cited in the topic, basically the entire premise of this movie is religion using passive aggression to really skull#$%$ people, while holding the line that they are just doing god's will (in a very personal setting here). I saw so much of this in the JW religion that it leads me to believe that there is no way to avoid the inevitable reckoning that is coming. I have no idea what that reckoning will look like, and frankly i don't even want to be a part of it. i just want to live my life and then die like everyone else with a bible in my hand with the assured expectation that i am now going to heaven, or hell, really what does it even matter? in my time studying human chemistry, the most powerful of all human qualities is the engrained power of self sustainment. with that in mind, really wherever you go is a victory, as long as you are going somewhere. the great enemy is blackness more than hell.

    maybe the whole point of this movie was just that, to show how religion using god to carry out their own passive aggressive wars (or obviously in some cases purely aggressive wars) will inevitably lead to a war where everyone goes insane and then dies.

  • raymond frantz
    raymond frantz

    I totally agree with you .I think though that there will be literally blood ,as so many of us wake up

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