Sing it sister...

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  • cedars

    It amazes me how many Jdubs feel comfortable posting videos of themselves (or their children) singing kingdom songs for the whole world to see on YouTube.

    This lady actually puts some effort into it...


  • sabastious

    My psyche doesn't do well with the words, but she's got talent!


  • gingerbread

    I's my guess that these publishers are counting this as service time - in their own mind and on a time slip. With a growing push to find alternate ways to preach - letter writing, literature display stands and tables, emails - why not youtube.

    In my part of the US, just about every congregation has young folks forming bands - country, bluegrass, cover rock, indie... They play at "get togethers" and the adventurous ones play their own private shows, local clubs, burning their own cd's, etc. It's sad - but it's their only chance of acheiving a personal fantasy. Their 15 minutes of fame.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    In my part of the US, just about every congregation has young folks forming band

    Wow, when I came in during the late 80's, we all got the evil eye for being musicians, and were told in no uncertain terms, to quit that life. Dubs that did as u described, were mocked as weak. We used to call them worldly wanna-be's

  • SophieG

    She's not too bad...she is actually putting emotion into the song...most people dont SING at the hall. And the ones that think they are singing/screeching need to be shot.

    I hope she does that vibrato in the hall during the song and throws everyone off.

  • cedars

    My comment on the video...

    "Beautiful. Have you considered a career in the music industry?"

    Her response....

    "Thank you John. Actually I recorded a few songs in the 80's for dance music songs. They never went anywhere though. (bad management). Of course, this song is absolutely beautiful, so I recorded it on my laptop and changed the key in audacity to lower the vocal range. It's ameteurish... : ]"

    [edit post, ok my comments might get deleted now that I've said: "Well I would be happy for you to sing on any of my videos. Feel free to check them out some time."]


  • Bangalore

    Hi Cedars

    Are the WT songs copyrighted? If so could the WT send her a copyright infringment notice?


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