Governing Body Views Of School Age Children Are Not Safe Or Healthy!

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  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    Can We Keep Our School Age Kids Safe With The Sayings Of The Governing Body?

    Children according to the Governing Body should attend school and use it to push magazines during their lunch and break periods. Nobody deserves to sit down after listening to four hours of lectures and taking a test or two (perhaps maybe the elders at the Kingdom School do, when they eat the catered meal by the Spanish Sisters who spent all night "Working for Jehovah's prophets:), yeah only the Governing Body and their henchman deserve to attend school without pressure to spend their break periods walking around preaching to a stone if necessary. "a true story" One student would spend his lunch periods mocking a presentation by preaching to the gate and stones to attract onlookers and place magazines. What kind of Organization wants to create kids walking and talking to a stone or fence, or their friend Wilson the tennis ball? The Governing Body is the kind of Organization who demands you to hand them your allegiance and they tolerate no rivalry, not even the lord Jesus Christ who they hide in plain sight.

    Clerk-Kent a former Wal-Mart Store Greeter and turned Watchtower writer and news collector has heard of stories of some kid named Nimrud who spends his entire lunch period "fasting and preaching the message" and Nimrud wants the circuit to pay for a magazine cart he can drag around from class to class with tiny wind chimes to catch the attention of students or passerby's. His parents were told he needs to go to Bethel, avoid the academic achievements Satan's world offers to rob a child of his gift of eternal life. The once "A-student" is now focusing his entire energy of preaching and pushing a message few will listen to. Clerk-Kent is not going to report to his editor at the Watchtower all the facts, just the tiny bits of truth his editor is looking for. More guilt, more fear and stretch out a little lie that "even a teenager realizes there is no time for Lunch Breaks or Rest Periods, so why can't you do this at your janitor or window washing job?" Clerk-Kent is going to put Nimrud on the next Assembly part, and possibly the District Assembly as a display of pure faith in Jehovah's Governing Body! Why Nimrud even preaches to his entire school staff who can't accept he threw away a scholarship and refused to play sports he was naturally gifted in. His father who pulled Nimrud out of sports after becoming a Witness in Nimrud's Freshman Year, is starting to wonder if he made a mistake or has become "Captive to a Concept"? With all the new work and friends all the spotlight has brought, it's hard to think about your kids future when you crave all the adulation yourself!

    Why does the Watchtower Organization allow good minds like Nimrud to be thrown away? The double standard that allows the Governing Body to have their Soft Ice Cream and two hour lunch but push the publishers into the ground by fearing idle time to sit back and not think? Why are they so harsh to the sheep, the same sheep Jesus Christ told "Come take my yoke for it is light!" the Governing Body wants to destroy using the publishers own children to guilt them into something useless. No Governing Body member is going to forsake their lunch break and has no problem taking their Noon To Four nap, so why should their sheep worry?

  • kurtbethel

    They do it because they can, and people let them.

    What if someone started a cult and nobody joined?

  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    Kurt what if they asked their members to drink a refresing cold Grape Flavorade, like Jim Jones did? How did "Bo and Peep" of "Heaven's Gate" or the "Hale Bop Cult" get their people to kill themselves without asking "Why"? Why? Why? Why?

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