Confidential File-1980 Watchtower Insurance Manual!

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    This file is usually kept in the Congregation Legal folder, and most Jehovah's Witnesses have never seen it or even know that it was ever published.


    1980 Insurance Manual For Congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses . -------------------------------------------------------- Who Is Covered by the Society's Insurance Arrangement (See page 12) . The Society's arrangement insures your congregation if you regularly meet in a Kingdom Hall which has one of the following: . 1. An insurance account with the Society . 2. A loan from the Society . 3. A commercial loan for Kingdom Hall construction arranged through the Society . ------------------------------------------------------- Download: . From Sendspace. . Click the link below and when the next page appears click the link in the blue box by the blue arrow. . . . From Fileswap.
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    Thanks Atlantis.

    While we are on the subject of insurance , does anyone know if the org. takes out life insurance on its members ?

    Recently, it was exposed that Walmart and a lot of businesses take out a "special" life insurance on their employees. However, what is NOT know is that this life insurance is paid to Walmart or whatever company, NOT to the employees family. The analogy was given, that this would be like you taking out fire insurance on your neighbours house ! With respect to the org. One could infer a conflict of interest with their policy on blood ! ? Any info, comments, outburst !?

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    Atlantis, you are amazing!

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    It seems that at this time, the insurance was pooled coverage with an outside insurance company. I note that at the time, they didn't have a beef with publishers suing the insurance company (really suing the congregation and having the insurance cover it) for injuries. Note part V "Accidents", section C, on page 35, which says:

    " it is not wrong Scripturally either to make a claim on the congregation's insurance or to sue it because of an accident (see Watchtower, November 15, 1973, p. 704, par. 1)"

    Also in the same section: " If someone claims injury or damage, do not hesitate to tell him that the con gregation does carry insurance which may apply."

    However, now that the society itself administers the insurance, they have changed their tune about publishers suing the congregation for injuries and having the insurance cover it, since it comes right of of Watchtower's pocket now. Note 12/22/97 BOE under "Accidents at Kingdom Halls or Assembly Halls:

    "7. If the injured party has personal insurance, encourage him to present his medical expenses to his insurance program. Kindly explain that the Kingdom Hall Assistance Arrangement is based on donated funds and that all expenses incurred are borne by the congregations.

    8. Report the accident by phone if there is any threat or mention of legal action. Generally this would only occur if a worldly person happened to injure himself on your property. If this should happen, please obtain his name and address as well as the names and addresses of any witnesses, along with a full description of the incident."

  • DesirousOfChange

    1980 is a long time ago. Even doctrines are not the same.

    Can anyone verify that this is the current insurance specs/coverage?

    Although they pay an "insurance premium" to the Society, I thought the congregations and the Society was "self insured" rather than insured through an independent insurance company.

    Anyone verify?


  • Splash

    K. The Congregation's Viewpoint [Responsibility of designated brother (s) (See B. 3, p. 35)

    When accidents happen to brothers, both the congregation and the injured person should keep a balanced view of the injury and of what the insurance company will Pay -

    What you do to help the injured person should take into account both the circumstances and resources of the person himself and any assistance that he can obtain on his own, including payments from his personal insurance or group employee insurance and any government aid that he qualifies for.

    Your congregation's funds are limited, and so is the insurance coverage it carries. Neither should be expected to pay for every expense incurred by those who are doing some kind of work for the congregation.

    Your insurance is intended to protect the congregation itself from severe expenses or legal obligations that it would not be able to pay. (See section VII, p. 45.)

    Insurance to protect the individual usually is purchased by the individual. The injured person should not feel that he is entitled to be compensated for accidents resulting from his own carelessness or mistakes.

    Nice to know they are looking out for the brothers.


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