why am i wasting my time?

by RandomNoise 3 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • RandomNoise
  • Tater-T

    can you be more pacific..

  • ABibleStudent

    Hi RandomNoise, I like your heart shaped ballon in your avitar.

    Just start writing and let your emotions out.

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    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • RandomNoise


    maybe it's because it's late and i feel restless, or maybe i've had an epiphany, whatever it is i feel like this is probably one of the most important questions i may make in all my life.. lol.. maybe...

    if i were to write.. no, that would take too long, copy and paste, everything on paper that i could remember i'm confident that i could dig a hole 3x3x3 and bury that lame attempt to explain the universe... it's primitive and lacks evidence in every angle to prove anything that it claims..

    we are talking about an omnieverything, what need does he or she have in turning a book into something that needs to be studied for a lifetime? what more can be studied from a book with a couple thousand pages? how the hell is this supposed to realize ones life?

    so my super enlightining question is why do i (we) waste our time with this?

    what am i doing on this site even wasting my time to waste time on asking a question about wasting my time on this subject?

    ah hell! im going to sleep, i got things much more important to do tommorow and this includes drinking a hot cup of coffee with bread and butter!


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