Pencil promises

by Terry 2 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Terry

    Our lives are written in ink.

    Once done is done. There is no appeal.

    Yet, we clung to pencil promises.

    Honorable liars, they reassured our fears.

    Yet the passing of the years erased one and all...

    of their pencil promises.

    Now, there is time to think

    as we wallow in this...our ink.

  • Satanus



  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Terry, I like your poem and I like your analogy. However, ink is not as permanent as...well, please read:


    Our lives may be likened to ink;

    it is that what you said, I think,

    but although it is hard to undue:

    Ink is easier to remove than is glue!

    Just one more thing to say that I own-

    At least our lives were not etched into stone!!!


    Yes, we were promised a beautiful carefree life filled with hope ,joys and dreams of life everlasting. I put a hold on my life for 20 years. I woke up. I am aware. So, the question is will I wallow in the ink stains for the rest of my life or will I try to do something with the time I do have and perhaps etch it into stone?

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