SPARLOCK is back for 2013

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  • jwleaks

    Sparlock is back for 2013

    Time to update your websites with a new link to the Sparlock video "Listen, Obey And Be Blessed."

    Short link to JW website:

    Be sure to also check out

  • Pyramid Scheme
  • WTWizard

    Sparlock should be a stepping stone toward freedom. Much as the Smurfs of the 1980s, I hope children in the Kingdumb Hells find Sparlock toys and start getting whole collections of them.

    But, that is mere child's play. If those witlesses ever show up at my place, Sparlock is the last of their worries. I still have a house full of Christmas decorations, and they are not coming down (the ones in the hall are almost gone, soon to be replaced with Easter). I got an athame, crystal pyramid, Eye of Horus amulet (that is sure to scare the crap out of the witlesses), a Ouija board, a couple of other amulets, and some black candles. While they are busy screwing with the toys, I am busy giving them something akin to the real thing. If nothing else, it will send them packing so fast that they are likely to trip and fall down the stairs or pee their pants out in the car (or possibly even get a speeding ticket screeching away from the place, missing any other apartments in the building).

  • Satanus

    Sparlock lives! He's even getting a reaction from stewie .


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