I will not have a WBTS funeral.

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  • Defianttruth

    I read another thread on a JW funeral. It talked about that horrible recruitment speech that is given at every funeral. I do not want my children who are in morning of my death to have to deal with any of my former cults craziness. So here's the plan.

    I'm going to edit my will to state I do not want any services. Period. I just want my friends and family to be there for my wife and kids. (her family not mine the cult ones) I'm going to the Grand Teton National Forest this summer. I'm on a work trip so the kids won't be there. I'm going to bury something for them in the forest. I will record the location with latitude and longitude. I will then create a GIS map and photos so the site can be found. I will place a thumb drive in my safety deposit box along with enough cash to pay for the trip out to the park and back with extra money for plenty of fun along the way. After I die, I want to be cremated and my wife can keep my ashes until my youngest child is 24. If I die after this time the plan will be affective immediately. At this point in time, my children will be given the key to my safety deposit box. Inside, they will find the cash, a thumb-drive with the directions of the site for my ashes to be spread and the site of where I hid their gift.

    I can't figure out what to hid for them. It has to be something they will always remember.

    I know this sounds like a scavenging hunt involving dear ole dad's remains, but this trip has a few objectives.

    It will assure my children take at least one trip together as adults.

    It will get my remains to the place I feel god made for me.

    it will give my children one last adventure to go on with me.

    It will be a great story to tell my grand children.

    It will solidify my weirdness to everyone, but I don't care.

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