Could The WT Be A U.N./NATO/NWO Collaborator?

by turtleturtle 0 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • turtleturtle

    Two reasons I am getting suspicious.

    1) The many articles hyping about global warming. In my opinion, the WT should not have covered this.

    2) The announcement I clearly remember (perhaps there were two), where an Elder read a letter about "disaster relief" and stated that JWs should follow the direction of government official in times of crisis.

    I could see that direction turning south real fast. "Give up any guns you have, take this 'vaccination'. Can anyone say "purple triangle all over again".

    3) The anti-gun rhetoric in the WT. It is one thing if a JW is planning to join a militia. But, its another thing buying a firearm to protect your family. Criminals are horrible these days. They won't just take your goods. They will rape your wife and daughters!

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