Can You Discern a True Christian?

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  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    More and more we are getting "true Christians" mentioned in the literature, or comments such as the following from the April 1st 2013 Watchtower, "Today, Jesus’ genuine followers help people to understand what the Bible teaches about God."

    This sanctimonious and self-righteous attitude is being embedded in minds, just like the "New Scrolls" fairy story.

    When such terms are used at the meetings, I cringe because of the "interested ones" sitting there. How must they feel?

    Why must 'true' & 'genuine' be a prefix to 'Christian'. Christ knows and will judge who 'true' Christians are.

    'Straw & rafter' spring to mind!

  • Phizzy

    It is typical of their propaganda techniques, like their "honest hearted people agree...... " inferring that if you do not agree with their bilge then you are not honest hearted.

    What is a "True" Christian ?........... perhaps a subject for another thread, but Jesus' brother James said it was someone who cared for Widows and Orphans, no qualification that the needy had to be christians, just a truly loving charitable attitude evidenced by works towards those unable to repay was what was required.

    How many JW's do anything like that ?

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog

    Can the WT discern a true Christian?

  • unstopableravens

    well i think when the watchtower makes statements like that it is a little deeper,how so? everyone at the k hall want to be a "true" christian ,so by them making that statement the reader will be more apt to do what follows,in this case to preach the wt message, it would almost be like disqualifing yourself by not doing what the sentance says,its a fear tactic in my opinion

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog

    Sadly, it's not just the WT who defines people by what they do, rather than who they believe in.

  • PSacramento

    How does one disconcern a true Christian?

    Well, first one must define "true Christian".

    The WT, as a publishing house, defines it by those that preach the gospel the way the WT says it is to be preached, no matter how ineffective of course.

    How did Christ define a "true Christian" ?

    First hint is in the parable of the sheeps and goats, then there is Christ saying that by Love will people know that "they" are His followers.

    James states that the works by which a believer will be known is to take care of those in the most need ( in his time, widows and orphans).

    Paul speaks also fo charitable works and of proclaiming openly that Christ is Lord.

    John states that true believers will be know for their love for each other and their neighbour.

    What you won't find in the NT is a "true believer" being defined by going door-to-door and filling in a time sheet to make quota.

  • Pterist

    **** Why must 'true' & 'genuine' be a prefix to 'Christian'. Christ knows and will judge who 'true' Christians are.***

    Indeed. If we understand that being a Christian is a process, from birth by Holy Spirit, a sanctification process, and the fruit that is eventually produced as different % yield as like seed that is sown and growth over time. ...The goal is to become FULLY MATURE and have the FULLNESS of CHRIST Ephesians 4:13-14.

    When we meet "Christians" in public life, or here on the forum, we have no idea of their current growth status. Paul called some in the Corinthian cong. babies and fleshly, they were Christians none the less. If Gods Spirit is working with them its NOT our position to judge their final outcome. Of course any religion like cults that claim exclusitivy to Christ and God, and demonize ALL other that claim to be Christian have gone beyond scripture and have taken the judgement seat that is NOT theirs to take. There is only one from among mankind that qualified for that position. Rev. 5:3-14


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