Watchtower: Evangelical or protectionist?

by DJPoetech 3 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • DJPoetech

    Do you guys think the JDub's message is becoming more protectionist? So to speak, are they becoming more concerned over apostate encroachment and the things that go bump in the night than actually getting Jehubber's word out?

    Morning everyone!

  • DJPoetech

    Feel free to provide examples.

  • Fernando

    The Watchtower's claim that their followers evangelize (teach the "unabridged gospel") is false.

    The teach religion (proselytize) instead.

    (Why do followers of the Watchtower religion call themselves “publishers of the Good News” whilst unfamiliar with the “Good News” according to Paul, Moses, Isaiah and Psalms?)

  • jgnat

    I think in Rutherford's day it was an anti-establishment message. He really stuck it to the Catholic church for their corruption and their interference in public affairs. He was an innovator in his day, seizing the new technology of radio and phonograph to spread the message.

    Nowadays, I think there are two messages; the external message as a clean-cut religion with "traditional" (1950's) values, and the internal message to beware. Beware of your own errant thoughts, beware of the congregation member beside you, beware of the inactive, beware of "disgruntled" ex-members, beware of your neighbour, beware of the world.

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