Donation sent too Watch Tower Society but never goes out.

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  • jam

    A few questions concerning WT accounts.

    1) Who have control over the WT funds?

    2) If one of the GB members for example , schedule to

    give a talk in a foreign country, who determine how much money

    is needed ( his expenses)?

    3) Are the GB members also on a limited budget?

    4) Who,s the paymaster, a GB member?

    5) Who,s signatures are on the checks?

    6) Any outside agency have oversight of WT holdings?

    I,m asking because recently two prominent churchs here

    in the LA area are under investigation, mishandling the church


  • Chaserious

    I don't know the answer to these, and I hope to check back and see if anyone does. But I lol'd at this one:

    Any outside agency have oversight of WT holdings?

    Can't imagine this. They love their secrecy. Also, I imagine that even if someone other than the GB has to approve the checks, (and I would think this is the case ever since the change where the GB are no longer corporate officers) the culture is not one where anyone feels free to say 'no' to the GB. Other than the lawyers. They probably would say no if it's something that could cause a legal problem.

  • trujw

    Jam money I think for most in is not an issue. They are true cult members or they would post on here. It is an illusion of belief a sense of they are chosen, special a one and only person picked by god. They do and will die for this fake religion. Billions of people belive in their own version of god it is just this cult is especially dangerous.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    A Catholic priest, a Protestant minister and a JW Governing Body member start talking while waiting for an airline flight. After awhile, the topic changes to how each determined which part of the donations went to their expenses and which part went to God.

    "Well," says the priest, in a loud Irish brogue, "I draw a line on the table, throw the money up into the air, and what lands on the left side goes to our living expenses and what lands on the right is the Lord's."

    "Hmmm," says the minister, "I do it a bit different. You see, I draw a circle on the table like this, toss the money into the air and that which lands on the inside of the circle is mine and what lands outside is the Lord's!"

    Looking pleased with themselves, they nod towards the JW Governing Body member. "So how about you, Don," says the Protestant minister. "How do you do it?

    "Weeeeell," says Don, "it really depends on how many members we have in the Body. Sometimes we have as few as, say, eight. Other times we have as many as 18."

    "How terribly interesting," the priest said, winking to the minister. "So what part of it do ye give to and what part goes to the Lord?"

    "Y'see, it's like this," Don replied. stammering a bit. "What we do is, we...." The men leaned towards him, watching his every move.

    "Aw, hell, it's like this. We put all the money onto a table roughly this size..." The other two, smiling a bit at his discomfort, nodded and said, "Yes?"

    "Well, whatever Jah catches he can keep!"

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