Life On Mars, "Strongest Evidence Yet"

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  • metatron

    Frankly, nothing about this story impresses me (as it just repeats the essence of a old Thomas Gold theory that there's lots of life under the surface of the planets)........................ except

    the fact that it is finally within the mainstream "reputable" media. Moving from the fringe towards the center. It would be hard to imagine how the UFO reality could be fully disclosed without the baby step of revealing lesser alien lifeforms first.

    I understand that a Science Center in England is hosting a meeting on alterations in NASA satellite photos to remove clear images of UFO's.

    Moving from the fringes to the center. Little by little, step by step... maybe....


  • ohiocowboy

    It's at a point that they have to acknowledge that there is life elsewhere. As you said, they are doing it in baby steps so as not to freak people out. This year, there will be a symposium on extraterrestrial life, and they will be petitioning the government to finally come clean about their knowledge once and for all.

    I do know someone who works at NASA. He doesn't have top secret clearance or anything like that, but he has been privy to some little tidbits of info. He will not tell me a lot, as he has to follow confidentiality agreements, but he did let me know that a couple of months ago there was a briefing, and two scientists in the room actually had tears in their eyes (of joy and astonishment) from something very significant that was recently discovered. It would have to be something very big for them to weep in excitement. I wish that I could get more info from him, but I have to respect that he is not allowed to discuss much. I'd be willing to bet that by the end of this year we will know once and for all that there is life out there!

    These are really exciting times we are living in! The fact that they are discussing this in the main stream news is very sigificant. It cannot be hidden any longer, so they are preparing us by divulging small bits so that when they release the really big news, we will already be expecting it. I can't wait!

    Thanks for starting this thread!

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    sigh...all they have to do is interview me.

    men are from mars, women from venus....


  • snare&racket

    Metatron, when I left the JW's and then some 3 years later the bible, I had a point where I had the difficult task of deciphering the truth of spirits, ufo's and hocus pocus. I really didnt know how to go about decideing what I believed. I delved into the subjecs one by one. UFOlogy will always exist as we will always see things with our naked eye in the sky, and not know what it is i.e. a UFO. As to whether these are alien beings etc... well the evidence does not suggest so.

    The easiest way I discovered, to deal with all these issues was to simply ask "Have I seen a ghost?"... nope "Have I seen an alien or a UFO?"...nope.

    That was my issue over with. Along the way I did come across some interesting stories (Bob Lazar, Dr Stephen Greer, Rendlesham Forest incident, the 's4 ufo hypotheses' video's on youtube) etc etc... But So far all of these, which are by far the most compelling incidents, have been explained. Dr Stephen Greer has a new book out and a review left on Amazon is hugely eye opeining and smells of truth, it tells of someone being a fan for years, of them saving money to attend his workshop and the awful way they were treated by Greer. The non success of the trip was put down to bad feelings in the group and Greer kept claiming to see lights and orbs that nobody else could. What rang even more true was this persons description of Greer's hungry ego. This is evident in all his videos. It is evident in all the 'look at me' ufology videos and sites! Greer asks for $600 donations in order to allow people to attend and meet our cousins in the stars, though he stated "more money would be appreciated."

    We have been fooled once by 7 men in a factory in Brooklyn, lets be careful to not lose money and TIME to more liars.

    I hope you enjoy this ufo stuff as a little side-line hobby Metatron, even I do occasionally. Despite having no faith in him at all or his odd message, I will be watching Greer's upcoming film. But beware that you don't get trapped into this pit of seeking evidence between the lines, hidden ufology truths in news articles and sightings.... it is a slippery slope that many fall down. Follow the evidence, anything else is entertainment :)

    Keep looking skyward,

    Snare xxx

  • metatron

    I appreciate your comments. I've been folowing UFO's, on and off, for a long time.

    In summary, it's like "Rashomon" - truth and fiction wrapped together and good luck figuring it all out.

    I do strongly suspect, however, that events thruout the world are coalescing, coming together in a general way that may end up in a "Golden Age" that is quite real. I think that stories such as these are not an accident but a gradual path towards Disclosure.

    Why "is it different, this time"?

    Because the hegemony of the US is fading away and other cultures have no problem with UFO disclosure

    Because the internet has produced a huge wave of exposure on all topics - and the mainstream media are losing power

    Because at least some of the 'powers that be' realize we need exposure of free energy technology (strongly related to UFO's)

    Because the culture of the US itself has changed sharply, away from Bible thumping.

    And maybe, just maybe because the Aliens themselves say so!


  • designs

    We must come up with a good JW meets Extraterrestrial joke...knock knock

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    i know that if they did find something on mars that would be considered disturbing they wouldn't broadcast it on the news. At this point I don't trust nasa anymore than the wtbs. The real difficulty is sorting through everything and finding solid evidence because everyone has an agenda and finding out anything takes work. In the field of archeology everyone has an opinion and some people thrive on being debunkers and others love wild ufo stories. I don't know what to think anymore.

  • moshe

    You never know who is taking pictures- who advertises to aliens? Why it's KFC!

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