Wikipedia Reference Desk Discussion of Trinity and Prince Philip as a God

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run Sometimes very unsusual things happen. After reading and posting on whether Jesus is God thread here recently, I visited Wikipedia's Reference Desk for Humanities. There was a discussion topic on humans worshipped as Gods. Trinitiarianism kept getting discussed. The Caesars and Czars were also mentioned. Someone posted a link that some islanders are convinced that Prince Philip of Britain is a god. It is related to a cargo cult.

    Very strange. Yes, Queen Elizabeth's hubbie, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip of Greece, is considered a god in their culture. I wonder how Philip felt when he fist heard about it. There have been several exchanges of gifts. The islanders send him such perfectly useful gifts as a pig club to kill all the pigs Philip slaughers and all he sends in exchange is an autographed photograph. It seems to be a very unfair exchange.

    This is humorous but others must believe that Jesus is God is strange, too. It gives on a fresh perspective on Christology.

    Did not Jesus proclaim that no prophet is respected in his homeland?

  • cofty

    The Cargo Cults are a fascinating phenomenon.

    One day John Frum will return bearing gifts.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I can't stop laughing. As an American, I am prob. more interested in the Royal Family than the British are. Perhaps familiarity at such royal events that draw American female viewers breeds contempt. The republican movement in England must be aghast!

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Don't want to upset people here but I studied cargo cults in antrhopology and with a grad class that Margaret Mead taught.

    They are fascinating. My eyeballs popped out when I first heard about them. Mead filmed everything she did. World War II was so destructive for these islanders. After the horror of bombs wore off, the remnants made good tools and habitation. She did her early field work in the South Pacific. After the war, she returned and the difference in the culture was so marked. They were so materialstic all of a sudden.

    Part of the humor had to do with Mead herself. She was viewed as an elder altho she was so young during her field work. We watched videos where she is talking to the elders about how no one is returning and begging them to return to their traditions. She was so Margaret Meadish! We laughed so hard.

    She would never be present when she showed film clips of her self. We always had to wait until the next session to get her current take on her films. She was one of the first to have her childbirth filmed.

  • Mum

    My ex-husband was a teacher. Once he confiscated a book from a teenager. The book was entitled "A History of the End of the World."

    There was a chapter about a cargo cult, perhaps in Malaysia.

    The natives were fascinated at the fact that the white people on the island did no work, but were better provided for than anyone else because ships full of provisions arrived for them regularly. One islander figured out their "secret," which was that they sat at desks all day and wrote on pieces of paper. So the natives started sitting, writing illiterate scrawl for most of the day, but with no results. So they did things like putting a vase of flowers on their desk like the white folks did. Nothing worked. Finally, a native walked into the office of an official and declared that they deserved to know "the secret" because they had been Christians for 20 or so years.



  • mP

    Of course PP and QE2, you seem to forget she is head of C of E. She informally controls the thoughts of the church, just look at Henry Viii. There is no god, all royals made that up to legitimise their rule and of course scare their subjects into obeying them.

    Looka t Jesus, he was a good stooge for the Romans. Never condemns or event feels pity for evils like slavery, or pedophilia, or rape, but mentions many times to pay your taxes. Even the Bethlehem story is an absurd example of a good jew who wants to pay his taxes no matter what. If you check history you will see the Jews started their rebellion primarily about taxes and religion. Paul also shows us in Philemon, that he is pro slavery, instead of helping the salve escape he tells him to go back.

    Jesus also tells his jewish audience to be nice to Romans, go the extra mile and help them in their travels. Notice all Romans are fair and good int he gospels. Even though the Roman autority killled JC, somehow they always blame Jews which is the main justification used throghout history when the rulters wanted to steal their wealth in porgroms.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    It is true that the Bible is very pro-taxation. Maybe the GOP was not around then to balance the scheme. Jesus as a Democrat. Tax and spend Jesus.

    Wait until I mention this to fellow progressives. Imagine Jesus pointed the way to President Obama.

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