One reason why many are feed up with religion.

by jam 5 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • jam

    Yesterday watching the tragic event in 2000, terrorist

    strike in India. Three location where selected by the terrorist.

    Two major hotels and a Jewish center. The sickening part about

    this attack, they played the phone conversation between the one

    giving the orders. Over 130 people were killed and over 300 wounded.

    Killed them all in the name of God, he is waiting for you. Let me hear

    the gun fire when you kill them. One terrorist was crying out, I,m

    shot, the leader on the phone, God is waiting for you brother take down

    as many as you can.

    I realize this was a extrmist group, but it does cast a bad reflection

    on God.

  • ruderedhead

    How does this reflect poorly on God? He did not give the order for these crazy evil terrorists to kill anyone. Like the WT, they twist things the way they want them to be. I don't think God was smiling when these acts were taking place!

  • Stealth

    Someone on this forum made the following comment a while back....

    The history of religion in 5 steps.

    1) My god is better than your god and he is going to kill you.

    2) No, my god is better than your god and he is going to kill you first.

    3) I can't wait for my god, so I will kill you myself.

    4) Not if I kill you first.

    5) Survivors.... go back to step 1.

  • whathappened

    I don't believe in God anymore. Why, if he exists and is all powerful would he allow all this bloodshed in his honor?

    The Witnesses say it is to vindicate Jehovah's name and prove his right to universal sovereignty. What a big, unloving bully Jehovah must be, to allow innocents to die to elevate his stature. He doesn't need us for this purpose. The angels have to watch all this carnage also, what must they think?

    If he is the most high supreme, he doesn't need us to suffer these things to vindicate his name. This should be between Jehovah & Satan, leave innocent people out of your quarrel.

    You parents out there, would you put your children through a life of torment just to vindicate your name? No, most of us would die before we let our children to suffer.

    Love me or you die is not the message a loving creator and heavenly father would send to his children.

  • jam

    Ruderedhead: How does this reflect poorly on God?

    He is allowing this carnage to take place. Whathappened

    stated well" would you put your children through a life of

    torment just to vindicate his name". Any religion that convince

    their members to take someone life or their own in the name

    of God is very scary. Wouldn,t it be so much easier for God to

    step in and inform these crazed religions ( JW,s included)

    hey folks I don,t know what God you are serving but it,s definitely

    not me. You are bring reproach in my name.

    Well I forgot, he wont us to figure out, which is the true religion

    among the 1000,s of religions today. Man, he is really a loving Father.

  • Kojack57

    I have to agree with JAM. Sure God didnt have any thing to do with a terrorist act in this case. But he is a blood thirsty GOD. He sanctioned the killing of many who were not considered his people, even gave his chosen people the order to kill men, women, and children and told them to not let them show any compassion. All so they could inherit the promised land.

    Whathappened: We as humans like you said, would not inflict such harm and torture on our children. That's why I'm starting to disbelieve in the bible, after all it was written by 40 middle eastern terrorists.


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