Anyone see the Today Show segment on Scientology this mornign 1/17?

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  • dreamgolfer

    Very good publicity to what a CULT is..

    (ssshhhh I have a crush on Savannah Guthrie )she is soooo smart!

  • sd-7

    I didn't, sadly. I do remember the Today Show episode a year or two ago, about the article in 'The New Yorker' that covered Paul Haggis and his leaving Scientology. I thought it was very well done. Glad to see this issue is still being kept out there. Matt Lauer was interviewing the writer of the article during that interview, and he seemed a bit disinclined to believe people can fall prey to 'destructive influence' and end up in a cult. Best for more people to understand what cults really do and not just think that being smart alone will protect you.


  • joyfulfader

    I saw it and I think tonight is a Nightline with Brian Williams where the cult will be further discussed. Part one...i think

  • Londo111

    Does anyone have a link?

  • cobaltcupcake

    There's a new series on the ID channel (Investigation Discovery) called, "Dangerous Persuasions." The first episode featured the story of a couple who had risen to a high level in Scientology and left. Their account made the WTS look like a band of cub scouts.

    It will show again on Saturday at 3 p.m.

  • joyfulfader

    Rock Center with brian Williams is on now with Paul haggis. 10pm est

  • joyfulfader

    He just said that most fade quietly but wasn't about to take that route. He decided to go big. Very familiar experiences already.

  • NoRegrets

    The lengthy article in the New Yorker about Haggis was very compelling and disturbing. It also had a very catchy title: "The Apostate"! NR

  • Gayle
  • ShirleyW

    "Anybody within a group like this has to choose to be blind” – Paul Haggis #RockCenter"

    The above is a tweet from the show Rock Center while Haggis was being interviewed . . . does the above tweet kinda sound familiar to you ?

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