A Speculation About UFO's

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  • metatron

    I offer this as a speculation about UFO's and their eventual disclosure:

    In the midst of the current gun control debate, one can discern the methods of effective politics. If you need to make changes that are unpopular with many, you have two choices-

    1) do it gradually (think slavery and Lincoln)

    2) do it quickly before anyone has a chance to think about it ( recently enacted Gun Control law in NYS)

    As to UFO's, if aliens have an agenda for their exposure to humankind, then the era of gradual, "StarTrek" preparation is over. Photoshop software and internet nonsense have ended this, meaning that no proof is possible except open manifestation a la 'The Day The Earth Stood Still'.

    This coincides with some fringe folks talking about "The Event" - a time of sudden, radical change on earth when governments and Banksters are overthrown and Disclosure finally happens.

    I see a certain logic in this idea, but it does assume an agenda by ET's towards the Earth.

    And that's a pretty big assumption..... This topic is also why I posted the CIA article on Hushai and Ahithophel - as the contrast of the gradual and sudden approach to a problem.


  • bohm

    The aliens have returned, invisible in heaven!

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