Sexual abuse victims in Australia - read here

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    l p

    I would like to encourage you to come forward regardless of how long ago you were abused.

    I believe the commission is looking at removing the statute of limitations (ie the timeline) to get to the bottom of this issue in organisations - although dont quote me on that...i am sure i read it though....

    please come forward and let the royal commission into sexual abuse in institutions in australia know....

    if you know of other victims, talk to them, support them to come forward.....

    the more silent you are - the more powerful these perpetrators get..

    the more they are uncovered, they can be dealt with by the authorities...and this can then hopefully keep other children safe

    yes - YOU can do something to help other children.

    if i was a victim i certainly would come forward.

    I also would support in every way that i possibly can those victims to come forward and see the distance.

    take care


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