I want this guy on the Governing Body. Now!

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    Thanks Jamie

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    I agree with most of the level-headed comments listed below the video on YouTube. He was confident and happy and wanted to share it with his dad. Bravo!

    WAY back when I was a JW, I dreamed I was on that show and got to the million dollar question. It was a Bible question such as "What is the 8th book of the Bible, as listed in the King James version?" I knew the answer, but used a lifeline to call my father, who had been a congregation servant/elder since the 1950's. In my dream, I did it to honor him for being such a great dad and to acknowledge his part in my Bible education. I still feel that way about him and his life of being sincere, genuine, and consistent about his beliefs. Of course, I now know TTATT, but that doesn't diminish my love for Dad and my respect that he truly lived what he thought was right.

    He passed on a few years ago, so if there is a life after death in any congnizant form, he too now knows TTATT. "Here's to you, Dad! I'll see you again, but hopefully not for a long, long time."

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