The 2014 Calendar Preview - Tribute to Cedars' thread!

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  • Pyramid Scheme
    Pyramid Scheme

    Cedars' awesome 2013 Calendar thread brought out the juvenile in me!

    Here is a vision of the 2014 Calendar, as seen through the eyes of Hollywood's best!

    Steven Spielburg Presents : Jaws 5: The Spiritual Paradise

    James Cameron Presents: Titanic 2 - Resurrection!

  • Tater-T

    great stuff PS.. no one commented on you thread.. don't feel bad all my threads go down in flames too LOL

    any way saw this, as i was looking at your profile cause I saw you are a RUSH fan in other posts,

    when I was baptised they made me throw all my RUSH albums out.. Ruled Under Satans Hand ... really?

    ya thats me and Geddy Lee .. congrats on getting out .. your post are great and avatar is pricelesss..

  • problemaddict

    This is awesome. I totally missed it. mY threads go to the dogs too. No worries.

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