Satanism In Britain?

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  • metatron

    The Express (in England) is reporting that Jimmy Savile was a Satanist and performed such rituals involving children while being allowed to molest them without arrest or interference.

    Look, I have been very skeptical about these "Ritual Abuse " accusations - downright disbelieving, in fact. Are going to believe that David Icke was right all along? Good Grief...

    I do know that Churchill was accused of being a Druid quite seriously, decades ago. Not satanism but.....

    All I know is that something is radically wrong when a man like Savile gets away with such a horrendous amount of crime as he apparently did.

    He had to have 'protection' - and that means something very sick to my intuition.


  • cofty

    Did you notice if The Express managed to link Diana's death, single mothers or illegal immigrants with the story? It would be a first for them if they didn't.

  • metatron

    Dude, I respect what you're saying: there is a tabloid context here, I get it...

    but let's not miss 'the forest for the trees' here, either.

    You have a prominent ( now dead) figure involved in really sick stuff with kids for decades amidst lots of elite people around him, who could have stopped it.

    What does that tell you? What do you discern about it? What sort of a 'worldview' could such people have?


  • cofty

    Time will tell. There is much still to be revealed but I don't think the truth about it will be found in tabloids.

    It is clear there was a celebrity culture that allowed people like him to offend without being challenged.

  • BorgHater

    All I can see is whoever it was he was protected. Money talks.

  • Cagefighter

    This is a big part of Alex Jones' conspiracy world. Not sure if I believe it, sometimes people just don't want to believe things about someone and everyone stays silent.

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