JW vs. Christian Scientist

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  • 88JM

    A little story here for you that occurred here this week.

    My dad (a JW) and I got a call to help one of our elderly (non-JW) neighbours out - he had fallen down in the house and his wife was unable to get him up. This is not the first time it has happened - he is in his 90s and now very bad on his feet. My dad and I lifted him into bed, but it became evident that he needed to go into hospital.

    The old guy is very stubborn even at the best of times - he's has a very generous spirit at the same time, and won't allow anyone to do him a job for free, even if it's something small. But it turns out he is especially stubborn when it comes to hospitals. My dad found out that the old guy's father used to be a Christian Scientist - something we didn't know, though my dad has obviously had religious conversations with the couple before.

    The old guy is still in hospital, and my dad arranges for his wife to visit her husband each day - she doesn't drive herself, also being in her 90s. Each day my dad tells me how the old guy is really giving his wife a hard time because of being in hospital, feeling people are going against his wishes etc.

    Now here was the interesting bit to me. A comment my dad made to me reminded me how JWs are so quick to point the finger at others but not at themselves. He mentioned how the old guy was really "against going to hospital", "refusing medical help", and "how some people just won't accept help like that". I didn't say anything to my dad, but I was thinking about the irony of what he was saying, coming from someone who would refuse a blood transfusion, and probably a lot of other medical help that is mentioned on that crazy blood card.

    Maybe a few years ago I would have sat there and nodded to everything my dad was saying, but when you're in the process of waking up from the JWs like myself, comments like this just smack of hypocrisy.

  • unstopableravens

    its like that with many things,the double standards dont just stop there!

  • jam

    After the Jonestown massacre, remerber the response from

    the JW,s. How can anyone be so blind and follow this man

    to their death.

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