Jehovah's Witnesses Why is it that your critics are 100% honorably

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  • BlindersOff1

    Most vocal internet critics of Watchtower corp are

    Bethel Elders
    Governing body member (Raymond Franz)
    Gilead Grads
    Need greaters
    Branch Committee
    Long time bethelites
    Witnesses for decades
    3rd 4th 5th generation witnesses

    These are the ones that are moved to be vocal online
    their JW credentials are impectable. They have given their lives altruistically .

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  • zeb


  • Pyramid Scheme
    Pyramid Scheme

    I know in my experience I came in with the illusion of serving the brothers, handling their needs kindly and lovingly, and trying to sincerely help others. My dad was screwed by a kangaroo court of fellow elders when he and a friend stood up for what they believed was right and wouldn't participate in a cover-up. I should have know better, but I was blinded by the ideals of "avenging" him by doing the right thing. I was going to be the one who would try to un-do such injustice.

    The reality was that I joined the modern day Pharasees - I became a rule enforcer, judge and jury, and served with many, many men who had no business being in charge of anyone, let alone someone's spiritual needs. It was like serving the cruelest master - you could never do enough, and when you needed the support of the society, they weren't there for you. Even if you were kind and loving to the friends, you couldn't save them from unfair judicial committees, self-righteous elders who enforced their opinion on others, and you could not be vocal about unfair practices and doctrines without being branded a rebel rouser or "apostate"....

    I had such miserable experiences in dealing with the branch, it left me discouraged, then disillusioned, then disgusted.

    Coming on here, I realize there are SO SO many people who had the same experiences and impressions. The organization is about money and power, and keeping people under control. Total conformity or else.

  • prologos

    the WTBtS inc does not realize yet the amount of damage their appointees, dictators have done in the congregations and its most diligent members. the real surge is yet to come.

  • Londo111

    As a 3rd generation JW, I'm happy to be included in the list! Thanks!

  • daringhart13


    I just found out a married guy that we 'privately reproved' for getting a blow job in a hot tub from another guys wife....a 'sister'......was just appointed as an MS.

    They are down to bottom of the barrel when it comes to appointing men. The good ones have left.

  • AuntConnie

    Did the sister in the hot tub inhale? No

    Fornication according to the 1970s Watchtower is clearly defined. I knew men who believe having sex with a woman is nothing more than a "hand shake". Using adroit legalism you could get that brother off easily!

    It must have been no big thing, so let him be a MS!


    I just found out a married guy that we 'privately reproved' for getting a blow job in a hot tub from another guys wife....a 'sister'......was just appointed as an MS

    LOL!!! WOW! This brother's visible works, service time, meetings, giving the right answers, doing the paper workk for the Elders, shows that he has Jehovah's blessing. I have know people who made pornos with others and were not DF'd or removed. If you show the slightest inclination toward individual thought, or point out any wrongdoing by the organization, you are not a spiritual person and must be dealt with.... Pharisees is right on the money!

  • NeverKnew

    Wow, you can get blowjobs, swap wives and sleep with children and remain in this group .... but if you SMOKE and fail to repent (quit) - you're out of the group. Great.

    No wonder the upper echelon is screaming from the mountaintops.

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