Shepard the flock apostate literature

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  • enigma1863

    So not many mainstream witnesses know of the elder books right? I never heard of them growing up a witness. I was wondering what would happen someone spread a rumor that Shepard the flock was an apostate book.

  • blondie

    jws were told there was nothing in the elders book that wasn't in the publications available to the rank and file jws.

    saying it is apostate literature would make more trouble for you and would not be enjoyable in the short or long run.

  • BlindersOff1

    I read the book . There is most definately info in it NOT AVAILABLE to the rank and file . Not in publications.

    Not in the way its worded in the elders secret book .

    But!!!! There is no place for using their dishonest tactics to say something that might not be factual .

    But then many dumb ass elders have denied there even is a book.

    There are so many solid factual ways to prove Watchtower is false . The high ground is nice to be on

  • wasblind

    Why use a rumor when the truth about the WTS will do

  • trillaz

    It is an interesting tactic and I like it... Spreading a rumor about a non-existant book. Then, if an elder hears of such, they would no doubt defend it. In the right forum, it might be fun to bring up, but any long term discussion would be short lived. For example, how would you bring up the contents of a Harry Potter novel? Since you're not supposed to read it, you're not suposed to know anything about it.

  • enigma1863

    I know it would be unethical to use manipulative tactics like that. It’s ironic that after all the years of the WT fear mongering the apostates are the ethical ones.

  • punkofnice

    The elders have an apostate(TM) book.

    Nah. No one would buy it. Their brainwashed minds would reject it out of hand.

  • enigma1863

    Yeah they would probably also reject the idea the elders have a secret elders book.

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