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  • St George of England
  • cedars

    Very interesting indeed! Not sure why the RSPCA is at the top of the complaints pile though?


  • BroMac

    13 complaints in 2yrs. is that it? none of those were serious enough to be acted on.

    funny how some charities try and help those who need it and others like JW's help only themselves. Or break families up by shunning/dissasociation & disfellowshipping

  • besty

    I think any Jehovah's Witness or ex-Jehovah's Witness who has been affected by their membership of the Watchtower should write to the Charity Commission and complain.

    In the above link they define problems they can look into as serious issues including:

    serious harm to people who benefit from the charity


    the level of wrongdoing or harm is serious

    The procedure is noted:

    Reporting serious issues to the Charity Commission

    Use the online complaints form (see link). Make sure you have all the information and evidence ready to complete in one go – it can’t be provided in several parts.

    The information you need includes:

    • the charity’s name and registration number (if you know it)
    • details of attempts you have made to get the charity to address this issue
    • details of any previous correspondence with the Commission or other public bodies
    • a summary of the serious issue, clearly setting out the facts
    • evidence to support your complaint
    • details of any legal proceedings or litigation involved
    • your connection (if any) to the charity

    It’s a crime to make a false or misleading complaint.

    Only fill out the form once. We won’t look again at complaints we have already dealt with unless the situation has changed or you’ve found new evidence.

  • BroMac

    "Two Witnesses" would be a good complaint

  • Balaamsass

    Thanks for the link!

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