Two JW,s at my door 10 minutes ago.

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  • jam

    They do not keep records on the householder like they

    use to do years ago. I,m sure I have talk to every member

    in that KH. But anyway, two middle age women came to my

    door and as always I told them before they started their

    presentation, I was once a JW, served where the need was

    great for 10yrs., served as a missionary and now I,m a agnostic.

    One of the ladies ask what happen, I said 1975 and I begain reading

    the Bible without any help from the WT. Then she said, we have recognized

    our mistake in the past and making corrections. (I couldn,t beleive what

    she said). This lady have been a JW for over 20yrs, when she was trying

    to share a scripture on the subject fumbling thru the bible I would tell

    her, are you looking for the scripture in 1 Corinthians, LOL.

    Then she went on about how many are returning. Oh boy, you talk about great

    timing (from this site). I told her that Pew research shows that

    JW,s have the highest rate of turn over, 2/3 of the young people leave.

    Then I told her, you have been Preaching for over 100 years and people

    still don,t know what you teach, but they know you break up families.

    So she said that,s an individually matter. I said I don,t think so, not

    according to the latest WT.

    We talked for a while, but the one point that I made when they decided to

    leave, the overlapping generation changes. They could not explain it, no

    idea. LOL Then they gave me the Jan.1 WT, "Should you fear the end

    of the world?" I told them this is why I am a agnostic, such a loving God.


    Glad you were gentle with them. They could have been angels in disguise . If you had upset them they could return in the night and exact godly vengeance on your household. Then you would be in a jam.

  • FadeToBlack

    Next time, ask them to come back with their Reasoning books and offer to discuss 1914.

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