2014 Predictions

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  • free2beme

    You know, every year I see these sort of things in the news and I like to do ten. I normally get one or two right, but it could be because they like the others in the news are generic in nature. Anyway, here we go.

    1. I predict that Congress will put a sales ban on AR15 rifles and limit magazine capacity to 5 rounds. The NRA will fight it too late, and two additional mass killings will happen this year with weapons that are still legal and yet people will still blame AR15s still on the street prior to the banning of new sales. I predict one killing will happen at a concert, another at a county fair.

    2. A large plane crash in a large city of the United States. Terrorism will be suspected.

    3. Mars Rover will discover what appears to be items from a ancient civilization or nonhuman society.

    4. Science will prove that regular sex cures cancer. Viagra stock will skyrocket! Asperin sales will also increase, as the headache excuse will become life threatening.

    5. Pot will be voted in as legal in three additional states.

    6. Hillary Clinton will die in March from the blood clot. In her mothers honor, Chelsea Clinton will run for public office and win as a House of Representatives. Winning by a landslide.

    7. The Euro will be abandoned by two European countries.

    8. China will launch an attack on Japan, leading to a war that last about two weeks and ends with Japan asking for the United States to step in.

    9. Pakistan will launch a nuke on India.

    10. Jehovahs Witnesses will still exist. Consider slight growth from children raised within, as a success. Will change beliefs on a few things. Will also bore their followers with hours and hours of talks they have heard for decades. Will waste tons of young lives with time spent knocking on doors of people who make fun of them.... and the internet will continue to be seen evil, and more evil. Even reccommending people just turn it off completely.

  • Quarterback

    Very good predictions. I thought about some myself.

    11. People will realize that life is all about the Hokey, Pokey, finally.

  • ekruks

    Well, I don't know about some of these.

    But there is tension between China-Japan.

    Think about what this means for the Watchtower - it's exactly what it needs

    This will be interpreted as King of North/South rising, etc. because they were last seen in the Cold War - so we have Russia formerly, and now via link of communism, it will be said China has taken it's place, and well, the US/UK superpower was previously said to be other king as well as current world power, they will jump to help Japan, which was practically made into a US colony in 1945, with US army instead of it's own.

    New military guidelines, announced in December 2010, will direct the Japanese self-defence forces away from its Cold War focus on USSR (now Russian Federation) to a focus on China, especially regarding the dispute over the Senkaku Islands - so it's similar to the Cold War, basically capitalism/democracy vs communism again.

    This will fit so nicely into their prophecy, cause some probably to panic and return to the meetings or not leave the 'Truth' so they don't die in Armageddon. It's just what they need to whip up support, to make members believe they have the truth - through the 70s, and 80s, fear of nuclear war made people worried, it was great for ministry.

    The war may never happen, but US/Russia never went directly to war, but the worry still did the ministry good.

    The wall may be short like UK stopping Argentina bullying people of the Falklands, but no one will know how long the war will be to it finishes, so people will panic it's World War 3. The war likely will be short, no more a World War than the Iraq conflict or Middle East crisis, but more will be made of it, just as brothers tried to see Iraq as more than it was.

    The predicition of war isn't unrealistic.

    Tension slowly built up between European countries before World War one, like sticks being thrown onto a fireplace, and then one day, the match that sparked the fire, and all hell broke loose, with all the frustration coming forth. USA/Europe have long been uncomfortable with China rising, as they fear their economies will be affected (recession has no connection, but doesn't help - people do stupid things when economy is affected, such as recession causing Germans to support Nazis in ironically wanting war to solve their economic problems), and people are saying things like soon we will all have to learn Chinese, etc. when they become the world power. Tension is slowly brewing, Obama doing the 'pivot to Asia', and China wants more influence.

    US involvement to protect Japan isn't unrealistic

    Britain joined the World War 1 to protect Belgium, and WW2 to protect Poland. USA will likewise be obligated to support Japan, for Japan changing it's ways and cooperating with the USA after WW2 - the USA abolished the Japanese army and replaced it with very limited self-defence forces - Japan may spend a lot of defence, but China is a fair threat to it: China has nuclear bombs, but the USA refused Japan such - even today Japan has USA defence bases.

    Under the terms of the Mutual Security Assistance Pact, ratified in 1952 along with the peace treaty Japan had signed with the United States and other countries, United States forces stationed in Japan were to deal with external aggression against Japan while Japanese forces, both ground and maritime, would deal with internal threats and natural disasters

    If the USA really fills threatened by China, war isn't nonsense. Iraq has been well theorised to be oil/finance driven. USA has it's allies in the Middle East, and Japan is an ally it needs in Asia to stop Chinese dominance.

    Japan has also deepened its security and military ties with Australia, and I expect the UK will be keen to suppot America, as will some other countries of the European Union. I expect this will escalate to "the West" vs China.

  • MrFreeze

    12. Same crap, different year

  • mP

    2. A large plane crash in a large city of the United States. Terrorism will be suspected.

    Cant happen theres no such thing as organised terrorism. A few nutters, sure but thats about it.

  • free2beme

    I do have to laugh, I got the year wrong.... this was 2013 predictions!

  • Phizzy

    I'll start you off wit the 2013 predictions.

    I predict free2beme posts much more on here in 2013 than in 2012.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    my predictions for 201413

    1. we will still not have television

    2. I will continue to live under a rock regarding news media

    3. I will continue to think all is well in the world because i ignore the media

    4. Big shit will happen in the world and i will be the last to know

    5. My little farm will gain at least 3 more goats and maybe another sheep

    6. I will still be on JWN

    7. I will be more active in attacking the WT

    8. I will be less active in attacking the WT

    9. It will be a dry winter here

    10. At the end of the year I will participate in the next years predictions too

    oz :)

  • NeonMadman

    I normally get one or two right

    That puts you one or two ahead of the Watchtower.

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