According to the "New Light" is there still a FDS "Class" ?

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  • Indian Larry
    Indian Larry

    According to the "New Light" is there still a FDS "Class" or is it now just the Faithful and discrete slave as the group of 8 men but no longer a class?

  • Phizzy

    According to what they said......... and you do know what weasel words mean............ the FDS is the Group of responsible ones who come together at H.Q to sort out doctrine and dispense spiritual food. As individuals none are FDS, only this nebulous group.

    Just as Rutherford used to like to give the impression that he listened to the editorial Committee , until he disbanded it in 1931,* they wish to give the impression that there is a sizeable group involved not just the 8 of the GB.

    In reality, all new doctrine and printed words are decided by the Writing Committee and the Legal Department. Some ideas may germinate within the G.B, but I would think not many, and by the time they have gone through the two strong departments, and whoever is pulling strings from the shadows, such ideas have morphed in to the rubbish we see finally presented.

    The anointed around the world are now of no more status than the R&F JW.

    * they claim 1919 as the start date for this arrangement, a small FDS at H.Q, and will claim it continued after Rutherford took full control, but in reality from 1931 till Rutherford's death there was no such group.

  • wannabefree
  • BroMac

    it was a 'class' on saturday at our special day (SAD). from the London bethel speaker. Australian / New Zealander. Brother Paps? More than once it was the FDS Class.

    Also at the WT study your nice neighbour over the fence and the sweet lady in the post office and the kind mum who says hello when you do the school run? We do not get close friends to them as they will be exterminated at the Great Tribulation. Well I'm glad that got straightened up.

    As 00DAD would say, lets review... IT'S A CULT

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