Why Allowing Satan's Challenge Is Nonsense

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  • metatron

    Long before the child molestation (or other scandals) put the nail in the coffin of my JW cult, I came to dismiss the whole "Satan challenged Jehovah' as crap.

    Why? Well, imagine that you are challenged to play poker with someone who is omnipotent!

    The idea that Satan doesn't challenge Jehovah's power is idiotic. Are those your cards? Holding 4 Aces? Or is it an illusion? Or are the cards marked in some fashion you can never figure out? Is the game real at all?

    So, what? You oppose Almighty God and your whole debate depends on His Benevolence to play fair? Really? Someone who can influence any or all quantum events in a physical universe? In a way you can never discern?

    The whole thing is absurd. Look for another explanation for Why Evil Exists...


  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    So you're saying that because Jehovah is omnipotent that he did not play fair, that he cheated?

  • moshe

    If you think about it, why Jehovah just didn't keep hitting the rewind button until his created humans made the "right" choices in Eden.

  • watson

    After seeing Jah's record, I kind of understand why his son rebelled....

  • MrFreeze

    It isn't really fair for us. I mean, we didn't choose to participate in the bet. And supposedly Satan is allowed to screw around with us on this all important test where it is in our nature to fail it.

    Imagine being in highschool freshman year and being told "We have this test for you to take. If you don't get 100% on the test you will get expelled. The test will be on stuff you won't learn until your senior year. Oh and while you are trying to take the test there will be a man screaming in your face. Good luck and make us proud!"

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