Satan taken in by a divine sucker bet, Job.

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  • jam

    God bragging to the sons of God (angels) how great

    the man Job is. In the crowd, Satan. Why Satan among them,

    you got me especially with the little incident with Adam and Eve.

    OK, God pick the person for Satan, (hummm). So to make the

    bet more enticing, God select a person who is non-Israelite, non-

    Jewish, some poor Asian guy from the east.

    When you make a bet for example, the ponies (horse racing),

    you handicap (advantage that is given to a player, so that

    everyone will have a equal chance to win).

    The cards were stacked against Satan. When you know the

    out come (100%) that,s not fair play.

    And trust me that was a Divine bet or wager.

    Who agree?

  • MrFreeze

    I always wondered why Satan didn't do things differently. He is just following along with Jehovah's master plan even though he is privy to the same info we are.

    Another point, if Satan is behind all the evil in the world, why doesn't he do a lot more killing? I mean, he could really do a lot more damage with all of the deranged people around earth.

  • jam

    MrFreeze, yes that brings up another point. If Satan is

    misleading the majority of mankind, then he is winning in

    my book.LOL

  • WTWizard

    Doesn't sound like Satan doing the torture. Is this the same Satan that, at great personal cost to Himself, attempted to set us free from joke-hova's tyranny in Eden? And joke-hova, the sore loser he is, went and cursed mankind. I believe it was joke-hova itself that took Job's possessions just to see if Job would stay faithful. And then to write this as a substitute for doing anything for us today. In the meantime, Satan was probably the One to bless Job in the first place.

    Notably, only after Job was willing to reduce himself to being a slave to joke-hova did that Almighty Lowlife Scumbag do anything. Extortion--taking what Satan did for Job and only rendering it back upon handing your soul to that tyrant joke-hova. And the only reason joke-hova doubled the "blessing" (and I wonder if Satan did even that) was to place the account in his LIE-ble in lieu of actually helping anyone these days.

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