Elder friends of mine everything I tell them is like "Spam"...programmed to shut down!!

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  • Witness 007
  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Like a computer everything that challeges what they believe goes straight to "Trash" the sheilds go up and no points AT ALL get thru. With my wife it was like i was the drip of water that FINALLY wore down a rock. The Elder i spoke to months ago and said i "made some excellent points" yesterday had complete memory blank as to our whole discussion like he had been brain-wiped or something.

  • irondork

    That's because he HAS been brain-wiped.

    If he's still talking to you, then keep being a drip of water. You did refer to him as a friend, right?

    Friends don't throw friends into the lake of Watchtower.

  • Xanthippe

    Yes it always reminds me of Scarlet O'hara in Gone with the Wind - 'I wont think about that today I'll think about that tomorrow'.

  • krejames

    I had an elder come visit me last month to "encourage" me to get out on FS again, answer up and generally pull my weight (To be fair is was quite a pleasant visit and I didn't feel too bullied afterwards). I was quite honest with him and made, what I thought, were a few good points that he couldn't really answer. At the end of the visit he summed up by saying that I didn't really have any excuse (presumably no excuse at Armageddon) because I have so much knowledge. I felt he totally missed the point too....(like you say, Witness 007, it does feel like anything anyone says that's mentally challenging goes straight into the trash).

  • kurtbethel
  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    yea all they have to do is return to a meeting or speak to another dub and it's like flipping your etchasketch over your head and shaking it.

  • cptkirk

    OK. So, you know what the psychological term "projection" means correct? This is (more than likely) yet another instance of getting the REAL TRUTH out of the so called TRUTH people. His final words to you seem to indicate projection no? IE. IN THE END THIS IS ALL ABOUT YOU AND SAVING YOUR OWN ASS. BZZZZZZT WRONG BIBLE. Did any of you see this bible? I sure haven't seen it, APPARENTLY THE JDUBS HAVE IT THOUGH I WANT TO SEE IT LOL. PROVERBS 235345:23543453 and the lord sayeth, when times get rough SAVE YOUR OWN ASS MANG. hahahahaha.

    In other words, the guy was showing what his true motives are through projecting them on to you. An honorable man stands up, does not fear death, only seeks "real truth"....this concept is foreign to the JDUBS. They once again show, it's all about them, all about how "I" am going to "get what I want". His closing words to you reflected this view point. "Well buddy, I don't know all these facts you are quoting me, but partner, I am going to the new system and you aren't LOLOLOL"....why? BECAUSE THE GUYS IN BETHEL WHO SHOOT DICE TO MAKE THE BIGGEST DECISIONS ON THE LIVES OF THE SHEEP WROTE IT ON PAPER, LOOK LOOK IT'S ON THE PAPER OMG CAN YOU NOT READ, THEY WROTE IT ON THE (%#*#(ing PAPER SEE IT? LOLOLOL U STUPD GONNA DIE WHEN GOD MURDERS 7.9999 BILLION PEOPLE LOL.

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