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  • Hortensia

    We have a small election here next Tuesday. This will be my third time as a poll worker and my first time as an inspector. I had to swear to uphold the constitution, I don't have any problem with upholding the constitution. It's an interesting day, although this election will probably be slow. I did the primary and the presidential election last year.

    I'm collecting election pins -- I have two and I'll get another one next Tuesday. Like little medals, or at least a little bit of proof I participate in my community.

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    Nice one!

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    Good for you.

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I've observed polls for the Democratic party (the candidate) since 1968. They are very long days. I travelled to witness the machines being loaded. This is a civil area. It is good to see the dedication of both parties to a fair vote. We even have ad hoc mutliparty committees meet to decide on areas where no one will post signs to protect the aesthetics of the town.

    It could be where they send me but I've never had a flagrant voter fraud situation. Most of the problem has to deal with lack of clarity concerning the law.

    The JWs always made fun of elections. When you consider the power that is at stake, most people behave quite well.

    Vote early. Vote often.

  • Hortensia

    vote early, vote often is the joke most heard on election day

    It still makes me laugh

    I have to oversee the election process in our precinct -- an extremely tiny precinct. Count the ballots, check names, handle issues that come up, and balance the votes at the end of the day. The presidential election was very busy, but I don't think this one will be busy. So, I'll take my knitting, listen to gossip and watch people as they come and go.

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