How would a JW react to this?

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  • Christ Alone
    Christ Alone

    This video takes a while to get going, but pretty much starts around 3:30. I think this is a great argument regarding the implications of the WTS information control (The "I" in the BITE model).

    Professor Hubner gives a great argument. But do you think that this would get a "not yet doubting" JW to think about their position on not reading any critical information?

  • Christ Alone
    Christ Alone

    There is a fantastic example of how JWs think at the 7:45 point. He is speaking to a JW that wants to talk to him about the NWT. The JW makes the claim that the NWT is based on the oldest manuscripts. Prof Hubner says, "Ok, what manuscripts are those?" The JW doesn't know... Isn't this how we thought as JWs? We didn't need to research anything. If the WT said it, we believed it. No need to research anything else.

  • blondie

    I can't watch at work but will check at home. Yes, remember the WTS said years of reading the Awake would give you the equivalent of a 4 year college degree.

    I remember being with an elder in a university neighborhood and we called on a physics professor (unknown to this elder). This elder tried to stun him with his knowledge gained from the one Awake article. The professor glanced through it and said that no one in physics believes any more, it was outdated for 15 years.

  • problemaddict

    Well........interesting. This video will make no impact for two reasons.

    1) It is about 12 minutes to long. It sounds like aprofessor trying to fill time with a grand point in a classroom, but the point is a letdown.

    2) He almost makes it seem as though you cannot have a rational discussion about the bible if you don't understand translation. I don't think the JW's showed up at the door suggesting that subject. In fact, I doubt that is the way the phone call began earlier. because it is his area of expertise, he drives it that direction when they share a scripture, and then says they don't know the point they are making.

    Now he may be right in the sense that parroting "facts" is never a good thing, and it is better to have actually researched. However, i am sure most Christians in general, have little concept if any as to how the bible came into existance, how it is translated, what the flash point for translation are, and even less about exegesis and early manuscripts. So his premise comes out flawed, even though the meat of his point is 100% accurate. JW's do not follow truth AT ALL COSTS.

    So honestly, I don't think much of this guys video. Comes off as kind of self aggrandizing as well in just my humble observation.

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